Electric Safari session report

by davidelp 16 April 2009

Tobias Sherlin visto dal fish eye di Daniele Kaehr

Boy, such a long weekend up there in Gaverland! After a series of quite unfortunate events (avalanches, broken roads and postponed events), we finally succeeded in the Safari Session, the Electric Team Photoshoot. During the winter we added up quite a few riders in the Electric roster, hence the idea of the photoshoot and some filming. The tranny was built by Mattia Molnar with the help of Gigi Gas and his brand new Everest. The kicker that came was 8mt tall (26ft) with a 6mt (20ft) gap, raised landing and a nice steep bumpy runway.

Tobias nel gap - © Daniele Kaehr

Tobias gap - © Daniele Kaehr

Who showed up and what did they do?

On Easter Sunday, Mattia and Tobias Sherlin open up the jump fearlessly. Mattia shoots out a couple of frontflips while Tobias celebrates the warm spring sun riding in sunglasses, no gloves and no jacket, simply killing it. New jack Matteo “Whatza” Borgardt, shovel in his hands, builds a wall on the landing and starts a series of handplants in the jump gap. And watching him ride the park rails was awesome. Kinder, landed in haste from London, rested for almost the whole day saving up energy for power 360s in the golden hour.

Stefano Kinder Carini al tramonto

Stefano Kinder Carini in the golden hour

On the skiers front, Massimo Kikko came back on the big jumps after ACL surgery. Knee and tricks getting along perfectly! Paolo Martinoglio killed it, and we could see why he’s in the european team! We sure didn’t expect a 15 year old busting big moves like those. Mark this name: Denis Battisti, supercool young Obereggen local.

Denis Battisti

Denis Battisti

For the records, Mattia lands a 720 cork, then takes his girl on (litterally!) and rides down the mountain to the parking lot with the “passenger”, followed but their trustee dog Doremi. Family time (best image of the whole photoshooting)!

Monday morning up at 5am for catching the crazy lighting before we had to go. As the sun starts rising the session starts off. Kikko abandones due to evident hangover matters, Pedrazzi the swissman abandones due to evident crazyness matters. So only Kinder and Paolo keep on riding and make this early session worth the rude awakening. The sun is now all the way out, it’s 8 am, time for breakfast and the ride home.

Paolo Martinoglio Flatspin all'alba

Paolo Martinoglio Flatspin at sunrise

Thanks to: Electric, bastard, Gaverland and the locals, Daniele Kaehr, GroS, Riky Felderer for the photos, Simone Salvatori for videos, all the riders for the tricks and good luck to Lukas Goller that injured his knee before the session. Here a small photogallery with the guys attending the events, for more infos and pictures stay tunes on Snowboard mag, 4Skiers and snowbox.

  1. davidelp Says:

    al prossimo post mettiamo le scartelle… qualcuna merita de brutto!

  2. GroS Says:

    Pedrazzi for president!

  3. Tobi Says:

    Bello shooting !! l’ unica cosa che rompeva un po che non prendeva il telefono!! =) no davero figo complimento a gros Organisatore grazie Bastard, electric,
    bravi i daniele e richard

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