The Indicator

by lorebini 18 November 2010

I recommend this very good post written by Guy Horton on ArchDaily and featured in ‘The Indicator’, his weekly column focusing on the culture, business and economics of architecture. Horton’s conclusion suggests to approach projects with the energy and the improvisation of punk rock… Wise words Guy!

bastard on

by jep 18 November 2010 – the biggest italian website for online invitational event sales that counts over 1,5 million subscribers – will be featuring our selection of bastard products and Electric goggles from the past season, with discounts up to 55%. Available from tomorrow, wednesday 10th, through sunday november 14th.

If you like to give it a look you can register directly from this link skipping the standby procedure that usually takes a while.

New Frisco Shop

by giuli 18 November 2010

Daniele Galli and I just visited the new Frisco Shop in Brescia and i was amazed by the result of the good work the Tognoli Bros carried out throughout the years.

I say it deserves a visit, even only to space out reading the many skate magazine articles used as wallpaper in the micro ramp room or to browse through the many products that delight the shop.
My compliments to Fede and Gianlu.

Howard Gardner at Triennale Milano

by jep 18 November 2010

Invited at the conference Bello Giusto Efficace of Art for Business at the Triennale in Milano I had the pleasure to meet Howard Gardner and spend a few words with him.

I discovered that he’s the one that exposed – in the last thirty years – the kindergartens of Reggio Emilia, that nowadays are taken as models ef excellence in many parts of the world… and suddenly realized why I was invited to talk about the bastard store ;)

Art For Business has been working since 2007 for making art’s contribution to organizations more recognizable, particularly regarding the impact that this languages have on people, offering new inputs and methods for continuos education.

In this context, Architecure and space utilization are perhaps important tools to help keeping a free stream of information and stimulate transfer of competence and skills from one area to another, beacuse different areas require different kinds of intelligence.

Lessons learned: QI is overrated (who cares?), never stop learning

Bike 2.0

by jep 18 November 2010

After months of development and sleepless nights, our friends at inoda+sveje finally obtained the acknowledgement they deserved by winning the Seoul Cycle Design Competition 2010 with their Bike 2.0, resulting from a technical collaboration with Copenhagen’s IPU.

This is not a simple electric bike… take a look at the tech specs to see what we’re talking about.

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The JART thing

by jep 18 November 2010

Invited by Igor Iraola – the oldest of the three brothers that 10 years ago started the most powerful skateboard factory in Europe – I spent a few days in Irún to watch closely how decks are made here… as well as testing some of the best restaurants of the Basque Country ;)

Positively impressed with the quality of the local production, technologies used, thorough distribution and the people working for the company and that are on the team, I could not help stepping on my first JART board!

The Last Call

by jep 18 November 2010

Some people talk about and some just do it. Here is The Last Call, aka the first italian tradeshow dedicated to skateboarding. We’ll be there.


by jep 18 November 2010

Claudio Sinatti points us out to Cannonball, an overview of this interesting new skate scenario in California.

The short film, produced by California is a place shows the new opportunities in the Valley due to the aftermath of recession… I would have expected to see the great Salba in the video too, but you can’t have everything from life.

America lied to everyone, you can have this, you can have that… People had shitty jobs, they took on stupid loans. If they sat down and thought for fuckin’ two seconds, they would have realized it was out of their budgets. People tryin’ to live out of their means, buyin’ houses taht they couldn’t afford… it’s their bad that they lost’em, i don’t feel bad for’em, i feel glad for me, skatin’ pools, it’s awesome!

The unhappyness of some that stems from their unreal dreams, represents for others a concrete dream that comes true.

Banned in Googleland

by jep 18 November 2010

Wow Google is on the news of! Too. Why does it keep sending free AdWords coupons to bastard that could never be used?

Lately we collected a few hundred euros on coupons but the “bastard” word (contained in the domain itself) keeps on being banned from the word-checking-system that controls each word typed in.

We wrote them many times to let’em know about this freaky behaviour but we never got a response – if not automatic replies – and the funniest thing is that coupons keep on showing at our door with greater value… ok, ok the Google Marketing is calling us!

We are standing, READY! Just please get in better synch with the Banning office as we do not handle such society destabilizing topics on our websites, yet… or you are kindly asking us to move on to ?


by lorebini 18 November 2010

On Sunday, back from a journey through the abandoned (partly because the earthquake) villages of Abruzzo, I went to see Draquila-L’Italia che trema. The movie by Sabina Guzzanti explains with clarity and without rhetoric a frightening situation that a lot of people in Italy is not aware of. Wake up folks! It’s very, very serious…