The bastard store in Open House Milano 2017

by jep 12 May 2017


Saturday May 13 and Sunday 14 the bastard store opens its door for the Open House Milano 2017.

The store will be open with the following schedule: 10:30am – 6pm for both days.

Attraper au vol – A photography exhibition by French Fred

by jep 12 May 2017


In collab with Frisco and generously supported by Element, we are glad to present Attraper au vol (Fred Mortagne’s photo exhibition and book) italian premiere at bastard store.

Fred Mortagne, better known as French Fred, is a very unique phenomenon in the world of skateboarding photography.  With his b&w only photos he changed the rules: his objective is not strictly focused on the skateboarding itself, but also on its relationship with architecture, urban landscapes and environments. Read the rest of this entry »

Bastards Everywhere Competition Call with DA

by jep 12 May 2017


We are happy to announce the new Bastards Everywhere competition to get a scholarship for the Master in Visual Brand Design of Domus Academy. Read the rest of this entry »

Come inside the bastard store

by jep 12 May 2017

If you are so lazy to not even find the time for a visit in via Scipio Slataper 19, Milano – even now that we have the ISTRIA subway stop on the M5 line – at least you can take an online virtual tour of the bastard store… click on the small square at top right of the image and check it out.

Sure, you can always buy our stuff on the web, but that’s not the same.

P.S. If in the virtual tour you find my beloved Penny skateboard that I lost, please tell me!


Skateistan – drop by drop a river is formed

by 12 May 2017

When you think about Afghanistan it is almost inevitable to avoid thinking about war and religious fanatism. But once you know about Oliver Percovich’s work your thought can start to change. Oliver is an australian skateboarder that has been able to see more than a piece of urban furniture in the Mekroyan Fountain (Kabul). He saw even more than some transitions ready to be ridden. He had a vision about how to use skateboarding as a tool to transform the way of life in a city destroyed by years of war and extreme religious beliefs and he founded Skateistan in 2007; a social project all about education, art, social integration and skateboarding.

Nowadays Skateistan is a reality with a pretty interesting future. Its history, current and future projects are all in Skateistan: The Tale of Skateboarding in Afghanistan. An amazing bunch of really interesting material, interviews, reportages and a lot of nice pictures.

Daniele Galli, the Potenza cover

by davidelp 12 May 2017

A few months ago Lorebini published a post named “Concrete Power” regarding a concrete bridge in the city of Potenza.

As soon as Daniele Galli has read the post, he drove to the south of Italy to skate this unusual spot and he rightly got the cover on 6:00AM 62 with this fs slasher photographed by Fede Romanello.

Zumbini / Binocle

by davidelp 12 May 2017

Congratulations to our favourite architecture studio, Binocle, that was recently published (again) by ArchDaily.
The subject of the review is the transformed reuse project for offices in Via Zumbini, Milan.

For further information and more pictures pay a visit to ArchDaily.

Launch Party #31

by jep 12 May 2017

On Wednesday January 11th we had a big party in our headquarters to present the new bastardElectricJartDVSLakai,  Matix and Makia Fall Winter 2012-13 collections and a brand new DealerZine, that represents a big step forward compared to the previous ones! During the party we also inaugurated the new binocle working space… unfortunately we couldn’t document the opening due to a generalized state of dumbness, partially related to an overall abuse of a freaking awesome unfiltered wine ;)
Read the rest of this entry »

Contest Spazio 33

by jep 12 May 2017

Friend and architect Lorenzo Bini has a new firm called binocle and we’re looking forward to collaborate on a few very interesting projects…

The firm binocle is launching today an open contest for illustrating the mega chalk board that will camp in his latest project: Spazio 33, wine-bar cafeteria located inside a beautiful park in Oleggio (NO). If you are a writer, illustrator, cartoonist or you simply think you could do a good job send your illustrations as the project seriously deserves it!

P.S. Do they really want to create an innovative skateable path inside the park too?

Concrete power

by lorebini 12 May 2017

A few weeks ago I drove through Potenza to specifically see this bridge. Designed by Sergio Musmeci, it was built in 1969 over the Basento river to link the motorway with the historical town centre. The structure has no pillars, merely supported by a continuous 30cm thick surface, twisted in order to form gigantic arches that make a walkable path, thus becoming an engineering and an art masterpiece at the same time. Although the concrete is not  super smooth, I was wondering if any skater has ever tried these transitions.

Just in case, I took some pictures.