Come inside the bastard store

by jep 9 October 2013

If you are so lazy to not even find the time for a visit in via Scipio Slataper 19, Milano – even now that we have the ISTRIA subway stop on the M5 line – at least you can take an online virtual tour of the bastard store… click on the small square at top right of the image and check it out.

Sure, you can always buy our stuff on the web, but that’s not the same.

P.S. If in the virtual tour you find my beloved Penny skateboard that I lost, please tell me!


Banned in Googleland

by jep 9 October 2013

Wow Google is on the news of! Too. Why does it keep sending free AdWords coupons to bastard that could never be used?

Lately we collected a few hundred euros on coupons but the “bastard” word (contained in the domain itself) keeps on being banned from the word-checking-system that controls each word typed in.

We wrote them many times to let’em know about this freaky behaviour but we never got a response – if not automatic replies – and the funniest thing is that coupons keep on showing at our door with greater value… ok, ok the Google Marketing is calling us!

We are standing, READY! Just please get in better synch with the Banning office as we do not handle such society destabilizing topics on our websites, yet… or you are kindly asking us to move on to ?