Not a Crime docu by Repubblica on the origins of skateboarding in Italy

by jep 14 July 2020

On RepTv journalist Antonio Nasso walks through the origins of skateboarding in Italy with interviews with the main players.



Zamoc, the jester

by davidelp 14 July 2020

Luca Zamoc was born in the mid eighties and learned the first drawing notions from comic books, the bible and anatomy books. He later on moves to Milano to take an art direction and graphic design course at Nuova Accademia dell’Arte art academy. He draws on any media, from walls to paper to digital illustrations. He recently left again left his gray hometown, the city of Modena, moving subsequently to Los Angeles, New York, Berlin, London, Venice and now Istanbul.

May he have changed since we last saw him? Judging from the clothes he designed for the bastard collection, he is still his same old self, but like a good wine, his art just gets better with age.

Death is the only big theme in my work.

I’m not good at describing life, i don’t know how to use colors, i can’t draw people (women in particular) and i can’t tell anything pleasant. If you visit my tumblr it’s all guts, monsters and assassins.

Here is the exclusive Interview with the Death.

Extreme Playlist – JEP

by davidelp 14 July 2020

This evening Jep will be featured as a guest star at Extreme Playlist, the radio show by Fumaz and Marchino.
At 7 pm, live on Rock’n’Roll radio, he will be suggesting his own extreme playlist, will it hail to rock’n’roll?

Edo Paris on 6:00AM cover

by giuli 14 July 2020

Edo Paris, store manager at the bastard store, got the cover on 6:00 AM 57, August/September issue, with this big frontside heelflip on the infamous Quarto Oggiaro bumps.
Inside the mag his interview and the bastard ad campaign Our Friends Are Our Heroes that features him.

To top it off, in this same issue interview to Claudio Jep Bernardini (CEO at bastard) for celebrating his 40th birthday.
Bastard summer?

Talking bastard – Politecnico di Milano

by lorebini 14 July 2020