Edo Paris is Low Profile

by jep 21 March 2016

Edo Paris - Low Profile

Edo Paris wrote a consistent chapter of the skateboarding history of Milano for a couple of decades, at least. Everybody knows Edo… in case you missed something come to meet him personally at the bastard store.

His Low Profile videopart is now online on BOSATRON. Edo boss of the streets!

Vans 50th Years Anniversary at bastard store

by GroS 21 March 2016


Daniele Galli – Panic in the Streets remix #6

by jep 21 March 2016

The new videopart of the italian all-terrain ripper Daniele Galli is out now through the Chef Family channel. Check it out.

Mr. Marco Lambertucci x El Santo

by jep 21 March 2016

Marco is one of those skaters that wrote the the history of street skateboarding in Italy pushing  bastard since ever…  judging from this welcome video that has just been published for El Santo Skateboards, it seems he is not going to slow down now.  Thank Bauli!

Marcin Memorial Day

by giuli 21 March 2016

I took these two pictures during the construction of the bastard bowl back in 2008.
The boss gives directions, then turns his back and it’s instantly showtime :)

When I think Marcin sometimes I just crank up, other times I catch myself getting a little nostalgic knowing that the other half of the laughter is gone with him.
Sunday, May 18th at Cinetown Skatepark in Cinecittà, Rome, Marcin’s friends gather to spend a nice day together and bring back a bit of those laughs that the Flying Polish used to bring to any session!
Rest in peace Marcin and thanks for the journey.


Nicola Giordano’s outfit

by davidelp 21 March 2016

Nicola Giordano's outfit

Nicola Giordano goes hand in hand with the style and he has just selected his new clothes for next winter.

Nico highly appreciated the new Chino pants and the jackets/shirts Steve and Sol, trust him!

Bonassodromo 2.0 official release party #UTWDP

by davidelp 21 March 2016

Un Tranquillo Weekend da Paura 2013

It’s time for the 9th edition of Un tranquillo weekend da paura, the skate contest/music festival on September 14-16 at Bonassodromo in Usmate Velate (Milan). Concerts, skateboard contest, food and drinks as usual.

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Nicola Giordano’s outfit

by vecho 21 March 2016

Here we go with the new bastard outfit that will accompany Nicola Giordano during his long summer.

Every time Nicola come visit us he teach us a new word from the urban dictionary. Today’s word is Brenso.

BreNso = Breve ma Intenso ( short but intense)

Short but intense, as Nicola do stomping a perfect bs noseblunt after 10 minutes training.

Nicola Giordano BS Noseblunt - photo Giuliano Berarducci

Occhi puntati on Matteo Di Nisio

by jep 21 March 2016

Last friday we went to the Punkreas show playing in their home town, Parabiago, near Milano were they started 24 years ago. Was a pleasure to hear the song Occhi puntati played with their former drummer “Mastino”. Super respect!

Hey, in year 2000 here at bastard we used that song for web clip of one of the greatest italian street skaters ever: Matteo Di Nisio.

Video quality is just so bad… who cares, this is what we saved from old harddisks.

What’s up with GZat?

by jep 21 March 2016

If you were wondering like me… here we have some answers: while Tony Hawk was stopping with some friends in Milan for a memorable session with us, Giorgio was going to his ramp to refresh some tricks. Switch mctwist.

He just sent in this clip and informed us that he will spend some more time in California and this coming weekend he will skate at a demo organized by Vans for the Metallica’s Orion Fest in Detroit. If you are around you know what’s the plan for the weekend!