Launch Party #31

by jep 13 January 2012

On Wednesday January 11th we had a big party in our headquarters to present the new bastardElectricJartDVSLakai,  Matix and Makia Fall Winter 2012-13 collections and a brand new DealerZine, that represents a big step forward compared to the previous ones! During the party we also inaugurated the new binocle working space… unfortunately we couldn’t document the opening due to a generalized state of dumbness, partially related to an overall abuse of a freaking awesome unfiltered wine ;)
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Freak out by Mike Parillo

by davidelp 13 January 2012

Freak Out is the name of the Electric capsule collection with the original art by Mike Parillo. A mix of symbols and visions from Mike’s personal mind.

Mike is an icon in the snowboard universe,he is respected as one of the leading artistic visionaries of the action sports industry. Mike has contributed substantial inspiration and essential work to major companies in the snowboard biz. It is safe to say, to some extent, that he formed the very artistic image of the brand, as he did with Lib Tech, where his name has always been connected with the graphic designs for Travis Rice’s models.
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Electric Knuckle night rider – bug killer

by jep 13 January 2012

I have been waiting for this shade for a long time because riding a scooter at night has some requirements… and a bug that sticks in your eye while riding at 60 mph is not nice.

The Knuckle night rider model of the new Electric Loveless collection with clear silver chrome lens is just perfect for low to no-light conditions.
It just arrived today at bastard store and costs € 104,00.

Launch Party #30

by davidelp 13 January 2012

The Launch Party #30 took place on Wednesday July 20th with the preview presentation of the bastardElectric and JART Spring Summer 2012 collections.

As usual Fresco distribution topped it off with their selection of  Lakai and Makia products.

Now a well deserved vacation is awaiting us, except for the sales reps who will be on pre sales campaign until late September.

From now on the upstairs showroom space at the bastard store will be open almost everyday for pre-sales on appointment until Sept. 20th.

Electric Friends

by davidelp 13 January 2012

Special guests today at the bastard store: Marco Lambertucci, Luca Crestani and Sergio Minnici.

While Marco was shooting for the next bastard ad Luca and Sergio, just back from a tour in sunny Sardinia, renewed their style with new Electric shades.
Who guesses which superhero Bauli is going to pose in the next bastard ad will win his original New Era hat that he kindly forgot here.

Fucking paparazzi: Electric new sunglasses for summer

by davidelp 13 January 2012

The Electric international team has plenty of superstars; real celebrities like Andreas Wiig, Mark Healey, Matt Hoy o Kyle Bush constantly need support to preserve themselves from the paparazzi effect. Here are the new weapons from Electric for summer 2011.

Matt coating, Smoke’n Mirrors lenses and metal frame are some of the most juicy features that Electric introduces in the new models Jailbreak, Shaker, Knoxville, Mutiny, Hoy inc. and BPM.
The Electric polarized sunglasses range is also completely renewed.


Soft color graduated lens, bicolor frames, and a lot of texture for the ladies’ models.

All these new models are already available at the bastard store.

Brandon Wahlers spears giant tuna

by davidelp 13 January 2012

Since some time Electric, besides cranking out brand new sunglasses,  is interested in speargun fishing, which makes me happy because i love fishing. I was just about to send my “sponsor me” fishing pictures but I desisted when I realized how cool are the fishermen that Electric supports.

They guy in the picture below is Brandon Wahlers, extreme speargun fisherman, that recently speared and caught a 358lb yellowfin tuna, 162 kg! Unfortunately he wasn’t able to find a certified scale within 100 miles to weigh it and he lost the chance to have it certified as a world record.

If Brandon could send us a piece from the belly of this tuna we would be very grateful.


Electric rules at Winter X Games Europe

by davidelp 13 January 2012

Electric riders got the job well done at the Winter X Games Europe in Tignes.
Chas Guldemond not only took home Gold, also he took home the highest score in X Games history with 99.33 out of a 100.

On the ladies side
Jamie Anderson took home another Gold medal to add to her collection.
Enough? Not yet because Cheryl Maas was in Women’s Slope, and although she did not make it to the podium, she did land the first ever 900 in a Women’s Slope competition.

Launch Party #29

by davidelp 13 January 2012

On wednesday, January 26th at the COMVERT headquarters we celebrated the launch for the Fall Winter 2011-12 bastard, Electric and JART collections with the Launch Party #29 – and yeah, we’re already at our twentyninth collection!

Fresco distribution contributed with a supply of the new excellent BSA beer and with a selection of products from MatixLakaiDVSMakia and Brixton. The Iraola brothers, owners of JART, replied bringing in the mix a couple of good skaters to warm the bowl session and a Jamón ibérico that they personally sliced up for the attendees.

We have tried to behave but it was hard…

The bastard store upstairs showroom will stay open for orders by appointment starting this week through March 10th.

Positivity 2010 report

by davidelp 13 January 2012

The Positivity, a non-profit snowboard camp located at an altitude of 3000 metres, takes place every summer in Val Formazza.
Lorenzo Lollo Barbieri and Ale Bianchetti, once back from the camp, couldn’t stop talking about how cool it was being there, in complete isolation from the outside world.
To see why check out the video by Maurino Castellani.