Launch Party #31

by jep 13 January 2012

On Wednesday January 11th we had a big party in our headquarters to present the new bastardElectricJartDVSLakai,  Matix and Makia Fall Winter 2012-13 collections and a brand new DealerZine, that represents a big step forward compared to the previous ones! During the party we also inaugurated the new binocle working space… unfortunately we couldn’t document the opening due to a generalized state of dumbness, partially related to an overall abuse of a freaking awesome unfiltered wine ;)

Kudos to Davide / MatteoV / Giuliano for the amazing new catalog, to Sonia & co. for the event organization, to MatteoM / Lukas Goller  for the new products and the high quality collabos they managed despite tight schedules and reorganized resources, to Bruno for the excellent music and to Nuccia / Anna / Max / Muriel for everything else.

P.S. From next Monday January 16th until Tuesday February 28th, the upstairs showroom space at the bastard store will be open almost everyday for pre-sales on appointment. If you are a dealer, and you would like to receive the new catalog DealerZine #31 FW2012-13 with all the products, personalities and the background stories, just contact us and we will be more than happy to send you a hardcopy.

  1. giuli Says:

    … mi sono perso la Binocle session, che a quanto pare avrebbe meritato uno sguardo;) per il resto, gran party, thumbs up!

  2. andreav Says:

    hei giuli com’è che non ci siamo visti!?! Forse perchè anch’io purtroppo mi sono perso la binocle session… ;)
    Il launch è stato proprio un bel evento si, concordo

  3. lorebini Says:

    Pare che stiano girando delle foto su Google+…
    In effetti io non vi ho proprio visto, nemmeno col binocolo 8)

  4. giuli Says:

    Bella Andrea, non avevo visto il tuo commento! Che strano davvero… peccato, spero alla prossima! E bravo il binocle che pare mi abbia fatto faville;)

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