Whatza on the Entry cover

by davidelp 24 February 2012

We keep talking about magazine covers, since Matteo Whatza Borgardt just appeared on the cover of the latest Entry issue, with a huge fs180 Lien over the fence.

Flying high to a slam dunk?

TreB Camp at bastard store

by davidelp 24 February 2012

Last saturday, in the afternoon, while we were taking photographs with Whatza, Lollo Barbieri and Matteo Zappaterra came to the bastard store during their TreB Camp promotion tour in Milan.
TreB Camp is a snowboard camp where real pro snowboarders are instructors. Lollo and Zappa are part of the TreB staff and they will teach you how to snowboard properly, from basic tricks to big jumps.

Randomite – teaser

by davidelp 24 February 2012

The new RandomVideo teaser came out on time as usual. Randomite, this is the name of the video, will be out in fall 2011 featuring the videoparts of Whatza and Lukas Goller.
What a pleasure for me to see Lukas jumping with the Salmon board we gave him last winter for a test, it seems to work very good!

Whatza, Click on the Mountain 2011

by davidelp 24 February 2012

I think that local Monte Bianco ski mountaineers were looking couriously to a guy wearing an hawaian shirt climbing through glaciers and rifts.
Despite his unsual outfit, Whatza won the best snowboard photo contest at the Click On The Mountain 2011, killing two birds with one stone as he was testing the next year snowear.

A complete report by Andrea Giordan on the next issue of Snowboard Mag.

Random Video presents Matteo Borgardt

by davidelp 24 February 2012

Random just published a new clip to present the riders of  Too Much Too Serious.

The new clip is dedicated to Matteo Borgardt aka Whatza, an American snowboarder grown up between California and Colorado. Whatza decided to settle in Italy after a short trip in the Alps.

It seems that he feels comfortable around here.

Random Video “TOO MUCH TOO SERIOUS” teaser

by davidelp 24 February 2012

Random Video Production proudly presents the teaser of “Too Much Too Serious”, his last video coming next fall, with videoparts for Lukas Goller and Matteo Borgardt.

Here are some questions to Alessandro Miniotti, aka Killer.

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bastard Grill’Em All – Val Senales

by davidelp 24 February 2012


We proudly announce the first Val Senales edition of the infamous bastard Grill’Em All.

Saturday, July 26th we’ll be waiting for you with a nice bbq, beer (obviously Forst), music and friends. Along with some skateboarding and snowboarding (for those who can!). Together with the ever present Alex FakieShop and the gentlemenriders , we’ll have the whole Lazy Riders squad: Lukas Goller, Whatza and Mattia Molnar are gonna show some actiion at the snowpark saturday morning, while Nikolai Danov, Marco Lambertucci and Daniele Galli will be testing the skatepark.

What else? The snowpark is sick, the skatepark got recently re-layered, and the beers will stay cool ’til late night, so i guess i’ll see you there!
Booking and info: summer@gentlemenriders.com

P.s. There’s a tempting Weekend offer at the Zirm Hotel, all you can drink until 10pm!

Electric Safari session report

by davidelp 24 February 2012

Tobias Sherlin visto dal fish eye di Daniele Kaehr

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