Randomite – teaser

by davidelp 21 July 2011

The new RandomVideo teaser came out on time as usual. Randomite, this is the name of the video, will be out in fall 2011 featuring the videoparts of Whatza and Lukas Goller.
What a pleasure for me to see Lukas jumping with the Salmon board we gave him last winter for a test, it seems to work very good!

The RHINO rush!

by MAS™ 21 July 2011

tool, rhino, multipurpose, attrezzo, skate, snow, surf

It seems those eminent doctors from ADI even spotted some good news through the usual big brands of italian design.

The clever RHINO bastard is small but strong! With sure rams he got a rilevant place on the pages of ADI Design Index, amongst the bunch of renowned signatures like Pininfarina or Renzo Piano.

Since 1954 the ADI foundation for italian design holds every year the Compasso d’Oro prize, for notable results in projects, products and research that took place inside the national boundaries.

The best wishes are all for Enrique Luis Sardi, because he’s the friend who tamed the beast, together with the precious hints of our man, Max Bonassi.


!Powder Alarm!

by davidelp 21 July 2011

Grab your board, it is more than 30 cm of fresh snow.
Breul - Cervinia
30 cm of fresh snow at Breuil-Cervinia.

It will snow on friday on the whole alps ridge. Keep your shovel on your car during the next week-end.