Max Bonassi x Local Rats

by jep 29 April 2015


The new bastard Local Rats t-shirt is a tribute to two of the skaters that left their deepest mark at the bastard bowl: Jacopo Carozzi and Aref Koushesh.


The artwork, pencil designed by the italian father of skateboarding Max Bonassi, in full 80s style, is inspired by one the the best shots ever taken in the bowl by photographer Giuliano Berarducci.  The original photo has been published on Thrasher Magazine, as a poster on SHARE Skateboarding and is available as a free gift in the shape of a postcard at the bastard store.


bastard Photographers series

by davidelp 29 April 2015


In the Spring bastard Jammin’ collection we collaborated with two photographers that contributed to keep the Italian skateboarding media alive in the late nineties and early 2000s.

Giuliano Berarducci doesn’t need any intro, having documented almost everything happen in bastard, just look at his website,  to find some of the most epic bastard store shots. Gabriele Lopez has photographed the skateboarding and hardcore scene during the 90’s, then he started a more artistic path documented on his personal book “Stories by Gabriele Lopez”.

The T-shirts Swing by Giuliano Berarducci, London and Grasshopper by Gabriele Lopez are available in selected stores and at the bastard store.

Photographers-serie-bastard-berarducci Photographers-serie-bastard-lopez

The new bastard collection is online

by davidelp 29 April 2015

Spring Summer 2014 bastard

Et voilà, spring has come and all the bastard spring summer 2014 products come together with swallows and sunny days. All the products are available for direct purchase on our online store.

Enjoy the collection, enjoy the spring.

Edo Paris – some heads are bigger than others

by jep 29 April 2015

In the newsstands around Italy since a few days, the new 6:00AM Skateboard Culture Magazine issue sports an Edo Paris double page bastard ad, shot by Giuliano Berarducci.

Edo rides on a skateboard from at least 20 years and his one of the most powerful and all-around skaters ever in Milan. During some days of the week you can find him at the bastard store where he works as store manager.

BigHead Edo!

Total Office Design

by lorebini 29 April 2015

Thames & Hudson has just published Total Office Design – 50 Contemporary Workplaces, a 320 pages book edited by Kerstin Zumstein and Helen Parton featuring fifty office projects from around the world.

To the bastard store by studiometrico  the editors dedicated four pages with pictures by Giuliano Berarducci.



The book is now available at the bastard store – as usual – and costs € 30,00.

Spring’s photo shooting

by vecho 29 April 2015

Many collaborators and friends have gathered again for the now classic photo shooting with photo master Giuliano Berarducci, who, as a ship captain from other times, guided us through the stormy weathers of the semestral shooting that gave birth to the spring summer 2011 bastard catalog.

Thank you, thank you and more thank yous to Enrico “ERREDBARON” Predeval, Mattia Turco, Nicola Giordano, René Olivo, beautiful Giulia “fastidio” Boselli and young Easy, who posed for the first bastard kid collection.

Exceptionals models were Koji and Luca from Milano City Ink, Giorgio from UBM, Nico & Andrea alias Pink is Punk and the Warriors.

Enjoy the images.

Unreleased Projects – Italian Movies Adv

by jep 29 April 2015

This bastard ad was the first one of a series on italian movies… Io sto con gli ippopotami with Bud Spencer and Terence Hill (1979).

It was never published but we’ve always kept the draft hanging on the wall in our offices as it was too cool and it portrays Marcin and Nikolai together.

Re-Use Architecture

by jep 29 April 2015

Braun Publishing just published Chris van Uffelen’s Re-Use Architecture, a 408 pages bulky book with amazing images and descriptions of recent and notable re-use architecture projects.

To the bastard store project by studiometrico, on the refurbishing of the old Cinema Istria, the book dedicates a four page feature with Giuliano Berarducci’s photographs.

Available from today at bastard store – of course – for € 78,00.

Burn Skate Battle

by davidelp 29 April 2015

The Burn Skate Battle has started, this week with the Vans team.

Three days around Tuscany with Nicola Giordano, Simone Verona, Federico Borchi and mistery guests Marco Giordano and Fabrizio Iron P Venosa, behind the restless lens of Giuliano Bearducci.

Skateon publishes a daily report every night, in which you can see the challenges and the guys that think them up, like Gros.

Greetings from Los Angeles

by giuli 29 April 2015

Los Angeles, second and last stop for my US visit. I’ve been crashing at Nick Trapasso’s and Neen Williams’s house for the fist two days: tipical skater house with plenty of beers and house guests, and a tatoo machine that never stops! Everybody coming through the place might get a tatoo, artwork provided by Nick or Neen.
Finally we go out on a sesh, and what a sesh! Some well known faces in the worldwide skateboarding scene as you can see in the picture above from left to right: Neen Williams, Cole Matthews, Benny Fairfax, Nick Trapasso, Julian Davidson, Andrew Brophy.

For the last two days I stayed at Federico Vitetta’s, a.k.a. Feds, originally from Milano, Italy, then moved to LA. Feds, besides being filming for years along with Ty Evans and Spike Jonze for the Crailtap Fam, couple years ago went Tm for Lakai. There i was roomies with Daniel Espinoza, new am for Lakai and Chocolate, too damn stylish. So we’re out on another mission, i even manage to squeeze in my boy Derrick Wilson, (the other Affiliate Skateboards rider in Cali along with Neen Williams), and little Espinoza takes us to a secret spot where someone (probably Berra?) planted this mimetic ledge, and we proceed with some filming. Raymond Molinar shows up too, and it’s on…

Unfortunately i can’t give you the bangers (not many anyways since you get kicked out so often in Socal), but i can at least share these few images to hopefully give you the gist…