Affiliate Puerto Rico trip report on TWS

by giuli 17 May 2011

This videoreport of the Affiliate Skateboards tour in Puerto Rico was recently published on the Transworld Skateboarding website. I had the honor to be part of the crew..

With much pleasure on my side my pictures and lifestyle footage were used in the montage… I feel a little bit of a filmer too now (no offense to real ones)!

Affiliate in Puertorico

by giuli 17 May 2011

I just came back from a nice Puertorico tour with Affiliate Skateboards, although i quickly hit Chicago on the way back, where the Affiliate headquarters are at, to organize the material with the boys and to get ready for the winter in Milano.

The crew was well sorted and moving 13 heads altogether wasn’t always the easiest task, but i have to say  that things got handled pretty smoothly. Besides hitting an alarming number of spots, we even got a chance to check the beach on our given sunday, and it was well worth it.

Showing us around the Isla Del Incanto, besides some awesome locals, we had Johnny Fonseca, half Puertorican half Chicagoan, ex-pro for Real and later Affiliate, and Brad Johnson of San Francisco, moved to the island for romantic reasons.

Sam Maguire’s lens snapped all the notable action which will be soon featured in an article (could be on The Skateboard Mag), besides a video report soon available online thanks to our ever present two filmers.

You can check out the full story and updates on the Affiliate Skateboards blog.

Greetings from Los Angeles

by giuli 17 May 2011

Los Angeles, second and last stop for my US visit. I’ve been crashing at Nick Trapasso’s and Neen Williams’s house for the fist two days: tipical skater house with plenty of beers and house guests, and a tatoo machine that never stops! Everybody coming through the place might get a tatoo, artwork provided by Nick or Neen.
Finally we go out on a sesh, and what a sesh! Some well known faces in the worldwide skateboarding scene as you can see in the picture above from left to right: Neen Williams, Cole Matthews, Benny Fairfax, Nick Trapasso, Julian Davidson, Andrew Brophy.

For the last two days I stayed at Federico Vitetta’s, a.k.a. Feds, originally from Milano, Italy, then moved to LA. Feds, besides being filming for years along with Ty Evans and Spike Jonze for the Crailtap Fam, couple years ago went Tm for Lakai. There i was roomies with Daniel Espinoza, new am for Lakai and Chocolate, too damn stylish. So we’re out on another mission, i even manage to squeeze in my boy Derrick Wilson, (the other Affiliate Skateboards rider in Cali along with Neen Williams), and little Espinoza takes us to a secret spot where someone (probably Berra?) planted this mimetic ledge, and we proceed with some filming. Raymond Molinar shows up too, and it’s on…

Unfortunately i can’t give you the bangers (not many anyways since you get kicked out so often in Socal), but i can at least share these few images to hopefully give you the gist… 

Greetings from Chicago

by giuli 17 May 2011

Here I am, dealing with my annual pilgrimage to the States. First stop Chicago, almost a second home to me after having collaborated for years with the local skateboard company Affiliate Skateboards. And i obviously had to pay a visit to Uprise Skateshop, owned by my good friend Uriah Ruta.
Check out the photos that usually speak louder than words! Next stop LA, to visit the californian side of the family, Neen Williams and Derrick Wilson.

Affiliate Media Spotlight – Giuliano Berarducci itw

by jep 17 May 2011

On Affiliate’s blog there is an interview with Giuliano Berarducci in the Media Spotlight area that lets the ones behind the camera step out and shine.