SB Chronicles 3 premiere at bastard store, Milano

by Riccardo Tognella 25 November 2015

SB Chronicles 3

Saturday, December the 5th here at the bastard store, starting at 7pm, Nike SB presents SB Chronicles Vol. 3: the new full-length movie with Karsten Kleppan, Omar Salazar, Lance Mountain, Brian Anderson, Eric Koston, Kevin Bradley, Trevor Colden, Cory Kennedy & friends. If you missed the trailer, nowit’s time. Read the rest of this entry »

The night of Supercharged

by davidelp 25 November 2015

Supercharged premiere at bastard store

On saturday, November 21st, Supercharged, the life and times of Tim Brauch was premiered for the european audience with a screening at the bastard store.

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Supercharged – European Premiere

by davidelp 25 November 2015


Saturday November, 21st 9pm

bastard store, via Scipio Slataper 19, Milan
Free admission with ticket.
Tickets available at bastard store, subject to seat availability.

On May 9, 1999 at the young age of 25, Tim passed away of sudden cardiac arrest. Tim was a professional skateboarder and an inspirational friend to all who met him. Tim had practically conquered the skating world and accomplished more than anyone thought possible. His Documentary is an inspiring in-depth documentary that celebrates the life of Tim Brauch. Composed by a community of friends and family, this film explores Tim’s intriguing life. Learn the legend of Tim, who he was and why he became such a big role model for future generations.

More info:

Thanks to Diana Manfredi, who organized everything remotely from San Francisco along with director Pete Koff, as well as tech support from ID-Impronte Digitali, we’re able to host the european premiere in Milano.

On saturday, November 21st we will enjoy the vision of this documentary sitting on the ex-cinema Istria gallery as we did for Underskatement.

After the screening, private skate session.

Invitations are available for free at the bastard store, starting today, so hurry before we run out of seats at bastard

Infos and reservation:

The movie was off the hook, very inspirational story for sure. Tim was awesome and it’s great that his legacy still lives on today, go see this film if you haven’t already…It Rocks!

-Steve Caballero-

Wild Jonze

by lorebini 25 November 2015


It’s simply impossible to keep track of Spike Jonze! Yesterday I was listening to a radio station, RadioPopolare, where they have this nice program named Alaska. I found out that he has eventually finished his new movie – out tomorrow in the U.S. and in few weeks in Italy – called WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE, inspired by a popular children book and very, very promising! In the meantime Jonze has put up a new blog and made a documentary about the author of the book, Maurice Sendak. If you think this is not enough you should know that the MoMA is celebrating the director with an exhibition titled The First 80 Years. You can visit Alaska blog for more information… But how come we have Obama leading the planet instead of Spike Jonze?

Supercharged World Premiere Sept. 26th in San Jose

by jep 25 November 2015

Pete Koff’s documentary Supercharged, the life and times of Tim Brauch will start at Camera 12 in San Jose on September 26th (6:30)… it sounds like is getting big with a two day party, contest and big bands playing.

Check for updates.

We are working to premiere here in Milano for late October… and looking for partners to cover all the expenses so that nobody has to pay any ticket. If you are interested show up now.

UnderSkatement film festival – Milano

by davidelp 25 November 2015

 UnderSkatement makes it to Italy for the first time after being around America, Canada and Australia touching over 30 cities. Milan got chosen as the first city in Europe to host the festival, so Diana thought about the bastard office, which was originally a cinema theatre.

The event is hosted by SpaghettoChild, an association whose aim is the development of contemporary art and of the skateboarding culture and JANUARY 29TH.

The festival offers short films with a maximum lenght of 7 minutes. As long as the pieces are made by skateboards, there are no constrictions in topic or genre whatsoever. 18 short films are going to show throughout the night, result of a selection from previous editions. Among authors and players there are known names of the international skate scene such as Mark Gonzales with his  “Cold Water”, Steve Salisan with the very original “Bugs”, Chris Johanson with “Encinitas Realization” and Trevor Prescott, Rubin Orkin and Curtis Hsiang, may they rest in peace.

Click here to download the media kit.

Infos and reservation:


by GroS 25 November 2015

Waiting for the relese of Megunica, Lorenzo Fonda and some friends made a new teaser of the documentary about a trip in Latin America with the friend artist Blu.

MUTO: Blu animation on the wall

by GroS 25 November 2015

Surfing on the web i just saw an amazing animatione made by a genius Called Blu. Painted on the walls of Buenos Aires this is a real masterpiece! I’ve never seen something like that, you must to watch it!!!!

Zeitgeist – The Movie

by jep 25 November 2015

Zeitgeist - The Movie

I don’t get in touch often with rokma but when it happens he always has something interesting to share. Today he sent me the link to this documentary film that I didn’t know anything about, streamable and downloadable from the web:

Talks about Power and observe the world from a critical perspective… kicks asses but is a bit unclear about some of the sources.

If (obviously) we don’t have to take for truth what is shown on a television that maybe we do not even watch anymore… what about YouTube or Google Video? Is it a different kind?.

Another state of mind

by GroS 25 November 2015

Si tratta di un documentario on the road che racconta lo stile di vita delle punk band all’inizio del movimento punk rock nei primi anni 80. Questo è uno dei primi tour internazionali tra Stati Uniti e Canada di Youth Brigade e Social Distortion nell’estate dell’82. Lungo la strada, incontreranno i Minor Threat che si uniranno a loro per una settimana. Gran bel documento che mi fa capire come sono cambiate le cose da allora…

Clicca qui per guardartelo, dura un ora e 18′ ma ne vale la pena…