The new bastard collection is online

by davidelp 2 April 2014

Spring Summer 2014 bastard

Et voilà, spring has come and all the bastard spring summer 2014 products come together with swallows and sunny days. All the products are available for direct purchase on our online store.

Enjoy the collection, enjoy the spring.

A Skateboarder’s bastard Map of Milano

by admin 2 April 2014


We finally have a printed map of the spots that are worth skating in Milan! You can find it bundled with SHARE Skateboarding Magazine issue #1 or you can pick it up directly at the bastard store if you swing by Milan for a weekend session.

We’re too lazy to give directions on how to reach spots every damn time. Hope this helps:)

Nicola Giordano’s outfit

by davidelp 2 April 2014

Nicola Giordano's outfit

Nicola Giordano goes hand in hand with the style and he has just selected his new clothes for next winter.

Nico highly appreciated the new Chino pants and the jackets/shirts Steve and Sol, trust him!

Nicola Giordano’s outfit

by vecho 2 April 2014

Here we go with the new bastard outfit that will accompany Nicola Giordano during his long summer.

Every time Nicola come visit us he teach us a new word from the urban dictionary. Today’s word is Brenso.

BreNso = Breve ma Intenso ( short but intense)

Short but intense, as Nicola do stomping a perfect bs noseblunt after 10 minutes training.

Nicola Giordano BS Noseblunt - photo Giuliano Berarducci

Spring time

by davidelp 2 April 2014


Spring is coming, be ready and refresh your wardrobe with the new clothes of the Spring Summer 2013 collection, fresh, colored and light now more than ever.



bastard CataZine n°32 at home with free stickers

by jep 2 April 2014

bastard CataZine #32

The new bastard Spring CataZine n. 32 is on its way (with free stickers by popular request, like good’ol times!) to all registered customers.

If you are not registered yet, give us all your shipping details and get it for free by registering your account on the bastard store.

Nicola Giordano – some heads are bigger than others

by vecho 2 April 2014

Nicola Giordano in BS sunset ollie during a session at the Creedence Skatepark in Brescia, when winter had not yet begun…

Nicola Giordano’s winter clothes

by vecho 2 April 2014


Today it’s Nicola Giordano‘s turn to show us his bastard clothes selection for a skateboarding winter.

Ledge at Lambro

by giuli 2 April 2014

A hard working crew gathered on Saturday night in order to build a concrete fixed ledge at the Lambro Skatepark.

Cohesive teamwork gave the desired result in a short time, although i didn’t do much with the excuse of documenting the whole op.

Thanks to everybody present on Saturday now even an invetered, and moroned, streeter like me will have his piece of heaven at the Lambro park.
And, who knows, in between a tailslide and a k grind i might finally drop into those, for me, long dreaded transitions…

Thanks and thanks again, here is my contribution with this little photo report.

Welcome back spring

by giuli 2 April 2014

Edo Paris, experienced scrutator of the milan suburban areas, calls me telling me he has found a juicy spot for a photo in his upcoming 6:00AM interview, on which we are currently working.

We meet up with the Giordano Bros, and the first real day of spring assists us flawlessly. Everyone goes home with the job done.

While Edo, as a 007, raises curiosity around the new spot on his facebook page, i’m feeling WikiLeaks enough today to expose this fat kickflip signed by Nicola Giordano.

Enjoy springtime everybody!