Ledge at Lambro

by giuli 2 May 2011

A hard working crew gathered on Saturday night in order to build a concrete fixed ledge at the Lambro Skatepark.

Cohesive teamwork gave the desired result in a short time, although i didn’t do much with the excuse of documenting the whole op.

Thanks to everybody present on Saturday now even an invetered, and moroned, streeter like me will have his piece of heaven at the Lambro park.
And, who knows, in between a tailslide and a k grind i might finally drop into those, for me, long dreaded transitions…

Thanks and thanks again, here is my contribution with this little photo report.

MC Wheels Promo

by jep 2 May 2011

MC Skateboards launches a video test as a presentation of their new wheels and presents team manager Edo Paris as the certifier. I’m already using the wheels (54mm dual core) and i consider myself a satisfied customer.

Clearly besides me, Edo or Nicola, the wheels are Don Ciccio approved… and that’s all that really matters.

The new MC wheels, the boards and the clothing line are available at bastard store or directly at the source by The Skateshop.