Mr. Marco Lambertucci x El Santo

by jep 3 June 2014

Marco is one of those skaters that wrote the the history of street skateboarding in Italy pushing  bastard since ever…  judging from this welcome video that has just been published for El Santo Skateboards, it seems he is not going to slow down now.  Thank Bauli!

Marco Lambertucci on the cover of 6:00 AM

by davidelp 3 June 2014

6:00 AM pubblished a depth interview to Marco Lambertucci.

Skateboard, sponsor, trips, work and family; ten pages focused on the italian rider. Interview by Luca Crestani and Ale Radaelli, pictures by Osde and Davy Van Laere.

A good way to know more about one of the few italian skateboarder well appreciated outside Italy.

Bella Sbrauser!

Daddy Bauli

by giuli 3 June 2014

Marco Lambertucci, a.k.a. The Bauli, has been Jonathan’s daddy for a couple of months now. Visiting him i was delighted with this happy family picture, who would have guessed it?

In beetween his pater familias commitment and his dayjob he still finds time and energies for a casual gap backside flip, one of his first loves.
Then there were (in chronological order only!) the Frontside Flip and Little Jonathan… But the very first love remains Jonathan’s mother and Marco’s companion Antonella.

Bauli strikes again

by giuli 3 June 2014


Marco Lambertucci, a.k.a.the Bauli, after working hard throughout springtime on “extraskate” projects, took his summer revenge, travelling around and killing it on his board as usual! He went to Belgium and The Netherlands with Nikolai Danov and Davy Van Laere to shoot photos and film, to the Grill’em All in Schnals (on the Alps) and to top it off he went out on a nice photo mission with me on the Riviera Romagnola, the area where he’s from.

And last Sunday he scored the best trick at the ninth edition of the Zucka vs. tutti, with his signature frontside kicklip shot down a quite gnarly staircase! The lazy rider went back to his hometown Riccione with a big smile on his face and a 250 euros cash prize. Bravo! Click here to watch the event report.

The human side of Marco Lambertucci

by GroS 3 June 2014

Filmer Sergio Minnici just put on his vimeo this video. He called it  Piece of Bauli and if you know Marco Lambertucci you must watch it, if not… well check it out.

Marco Lambertucci in China[lang_jp]マルコ・ランベルツッチが中国から[/lang_jp]

by GroS 3 June 2014


On Puzzle videomag Mar/aprl 2008 issue there is the videoreport of the Blind Europe tour in China.

It was on january, the weather was not so good, but he did a great job! click here to watch the video.

Bauli now is gettin bigger and bigger, thanks also to his other sponsors that support him along with bastard! keep rockin!

Globe Metz Masters

by GroS 3 June 2014

il 12 e 13 gennaio ci sono i Globe Metz Masters a Metz. Nel teaser tra gli skaters invitati c’è anche il nostro Bauli…. Ultimamente Marco i sta uscendo molto in campo internazionale e sta cosa mi fà molto piacere… Se ti scarichi l’ultima uscita di Puzzle c’è il video report del tour Globe in Belgio dove ci sono un bel pò di trick del Lambertucci.