Marco Lambertucci in China[lang_jp]マルコ・ランベルツッチが中国から[/lang_jp]

by GroS 18 March 2008


On Puzzle videomag Mar/aprl 2008 issue there is the videoreport of the Blind Europe tour in China.

It was on january, the weather was not so good, but he did a great job! click here to watch the video.

Bauli now is gettin bigger and bigger, thanks also to his other sponsors that support him along with bastard! keep rockin!

  1. sergioz Says:

    yeah bauli,
    part finale lka dice tutta…
    ss bs nosegrind cosi balanced manco su tony ouk!

  2. GroS Says:

    ma vogliamo parlare dell amico nano?

  3. jep Says:

    Mo finalmente… l’era proprio l’ora di un rider di respiro internasionale..

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