Steve Van Doren & The Vans Family

by jep 4 March 2019

On Saturday March the 2nd 2019, Steve Van Doren and the Vans family visited stopped by the bastard store in Milano…

Legends’ Sesh – Pt. II

by maxb 4 March 2019


Every time that Steve Van Doren stops by the bastard store, it’s a blast! On Sunday, February the 25th he arrived right for lunch with some long time friends.

As a digestive we skipped the ammazzacaffè and went straight to the bastard store for a lit session that we’ll never forget. Click on Chiole’s illustration for the raw footage put together by SHARE Skateboarding Mag.

We Are All Van Dorens

We Are All Van Dorens.

What’s up with GZat?

by jep 4 March 2019

If you were wondering like me… here we have some answers: while Tony Hawk was stopping with some friends in Milan for a memorable session with us, Giorgio was going to his ramp to refresh some tricks. Switch mctwist.

He just sent in this clip and informed us that he will spend some more time in California and this coming weekend he will skate at a demo organized by Vans for the Metallica’s Orion Fest in Detroit. If you are around you know what’s the plan for the weekend!

Jimmy’z introduces the official Z-Team

by jep 4 March 2019

Jimmy'z introduces the official Z-Team 2013

Daniel CuervoSteve CaballeroGiorgio ZattoniEddie ElgueraJocke Olsson e Joshua Rodriguez are the official Z-Team. JIMMY’Z wants to make it right!

GZatt is so inspired by the Combi lines… we got this from the pen drawing below that we found on some shipping documents in the warehouse!

GZ 2013 - Combi trace

It’s going to be fun this Saturday, May 11th at the Vans Pool Party in the Combi. If you are not in Orange you can follow the event on the live web streaming.

GZat goes to the Vans Pool Party

by jep 4 March 2019

Giorgio Zattoni has been in California for a few days already aiming to the  Vans Pool Party which will be in May (yes, he traveled in advance!). He just pointed us to his brand new videopart published on the Powell Peralta website.

Check out the video above filmed at the awesome Big Air bowl of Camerano (AN, Italy) and at the Marianna Hardcore. Gnarly!

P.S. You may not be aware of the crazy requirements necessary to enter the biggest pool contest in the world: Giorgio got in by receiving a ***wildcard*** from Mr. Van Doren himself!

GZat goes to Malmö with JIMMY’Z

by jep 4 March 2019

This morning, at the bastard store we received a visit from Giorgio Zattoni, who was on his way to Malmö, Sweden, to participate to the seventh edition of the Vert Attack on March 15/16th. You can get a general idea of the incredible level of this contest by taking a look at the riders roster… check out the live webcast for more!

Let’s give him all our support on his facebook and on the JIMMY’Z page!

P.S. How many skaters can say they have an official skatebag like the one in the picture?


by jep 4 March 2019

Unintentionally monopolizing this blog, Giorgio Zattoni just sent us the video below that has been shot during his first visit at the bastard bowl in Milan. Unapproachable.

Thanks to Thomas Pilani for the video and to Giorgio for the Frankie Hill deck he was riding that day.

Giorgio Zattoni XX anniversary at Bonobolabo

by 4 March 2019

The future for this 14yo my-tshirt-is-bigger-than-me kid was learning McTwist and being an electrician. Yes, he reached (and went over) his first hope as you will see at the exhibition for the XX anniversary of his skateboarding history.

However, we can say, that’s the same even for the second one: somehow he light it up!

Where? At Bonolabo, via Centofanti 79 – Ravenna – Italy [map link]

When? On 5-6-7  January 2013.

Giorgio Zattoni: welcome to JIMMY’Z

by jep 4 March 2019

As we just started at COMVERT a collaboration in Italy with JIMMY’Z, we thought that an italian skater would be necessary to represent at best.

Welcome to the family Giorgio!

p.s. the action was recently certified by Hosoi and Cab!
Thanks to HARDCHEESE  for the video editing and Marco Golfieri for the filming. To know more about JIMMY’Z in Italy write to

Skate Legends @ bastard store

by giuli 4 March 2019

Christian Hosoi, Tony Alva, Steve Caballero and Giorgio Zattoni. It’s not the X-Games legends roaster: these are simply the riders that participated to the most unbelievable session ever at the bastard bowl.

Hosoi, who’s always been the king of style , shows us he’s still in an incredible shape. He’s almost too good to be true. He rides as if time has frozen. Pure legend.