European Vacation

by giuli 27 October 2011

Dave Shamblin, filmer  from West Virginia, went to visit Lupi in Barcelona and they thought they might as well pay a visit to us in Milan.
Dave had met Lupi and the other Lazy Riders during their Florida trip a few years back.

Our friend, with the help of Jacopo Tardito, made this little video report of the vist that features Lupi and the streets of Milan and Barcelona.

Lupi’s Checkout on

by giuli 27 October 2011

Sergio Arroyo and come out with this nice checkout for Raul Lupiañez, a.k.a. Lupi, in which el guapo de Girona gets interviewed and gives us a sample of his style with a montage of clips piled up while filming for the new Nomad video and for Ftc. If this is expendable material, i figure his videopart is going to be sick!

Enjoy the video!

Weekend en casa Lupi

by giuli 27 October 2011

Here’s the report of a nice weekend visit to Lupi, a.k.a. Raúl Lupiáñez Martinez, spent between Girona and Barcellona. Besides el Guapo de Girona i was accompanied by Andreo Lopes, Marcin Solecki (R.I.P.) and Dare, filmer and Lupi’s roommate in Barcy. Enjoy!

Lupi on Slide Skatestore video

by GroS 27 October 2011

A few days ago Lupi sent me this video as an appetizer to show me what he is doing in Spain.
With the Nomad team they are in fact going to start filming for the next video, a sort of tour that will involve all their riders and see them in the most famous spots in Spain and beyond.
As usual, the soundtrack of the video of Lupi rocks.

Raúl Lupiáñez and the Nomad Family

by jep 27 October 2011

Madrid based skateshop Welcome has published this video with the Nomad family.  First and last trick by Lupi.

A Nomad point of view, Lupi videopart.

by GroS 27 October 2011

A Nomad point of view is the name of the video product by the spanish skate company called Nomad. this is Lupi‘s videopart

Lupi videopart for Nomad skateboard

by GroS 27 October 2011

Tomorrow night in Barcelona there is the video permier of A Nomad Point of View the new film of Nomad skateboards… So we proudly recommend you (if you are around Barcelona) to take a look to our top rider Lupi.


Here is a short video of what Lupi did in the last period…
Enjoy it