Edo Paris is Low Profile

by jep 21 March 2016

Edo Paris - Low Profile

Edo Paris wrote a consistent chapter of the skateboarding history of Milano for a couple of decades, at least. Everybody knows Edo… in case you missed something come to meet him personally at the bastard store.

His Low Profile videopart is now online on BOSATRON. Edo boss of the streets!

Edo Paris – some heads are bigger than others

by jep 21 March 2016

In the newsstands around Italy since a few days, the new 6:00AM Skateboard Culture Magazine issue sports an Edo Paris double page bastard ad, shot by Giuliano Berarducci.

Edo rides on a skateboard from at least 20 years and his one of the most powerful and all-around skaters ever in Milan. During some days of the week you can find him at the bastard store where he works as store manager.

BigHead Edo!

Edo Paris on 6:00AM cover

by giuli 21 March 2016

Edo Paris, store manager at the bastard store, got the cover on 6:00 AM 57, August/September issue, with this big frontside heelflip on the infamous Quarto Oggiaro bumps.
Inside the mag his interview and the bastard ad campaign Our Friends Are Our Heroes that features him.

To top it off, in this same issue interview to Claudio Jep Bernardini (CEO at bastard) for celebrating his 40th birthday.
Bastard summer?

Our Friends Are Our Heroes – Edo Paris

by giuli 21 March 2016

The Green Lantern Power Ring grants unimaginable powers, among which flying at lighting speed. However it requires a recharging time in order to keep working.
Likewise, Edo Paris is capable of flying at incredibile speeds in many Milano spots, like the Bumps of Quarto Oggiaro, then needing a few relaxing days provided with cold beers and mellower sessions along with his long time friends, as in this frontside ollie at the bastard bowl.

Ledge at Lambro

by giuli 21 March 2016

A hard working crew gathered on Saturday night in order to build a concrete fixed ledge at the Lambro Skatepark.

Cohesive teamwork gave the desired result in a short time, although i didn’t do much with the excuse of documenting the whole op.

Thanks to everybody present on Saturday now even an invetered, and moroned, streeter like me will have his piece of heaven at the Lambro park.
And, who knows, in between a tailslide and a k grind i might finally drop into those, for me, long dreaded transitions…

Thanks and thanks again, here is my contribution with this little photo report.

Welcome back spring

by giuli 21 March 2016

Edo Paris, experienced scrutator of the milan suburban areas, calls me telling me he has found a juicy spot for a photo in his upcoming 6:00AM interview, on which we are currently working.

We meet up with the Giordano Bros, and the first real day of spring assists us flawlessly. Everyone goes home with the job done.

While Edo, as a 007, raises curiosity around the new spot on his facebook page, i’m feeling WikiLeaks enough today to expose this fat kickflip signed by Nicola Giordano.

Enjoy springtime everybody!

Nicola Giordano for MC Skateboards

by giuli 21 March 2016

Edo Paris, bastard store manager and Mc Skateboards’ team manager, just published a little promo video for Nicola Giordano, recently acquired lazy rider.
This is the first time Edo challenges himself with filming and editing, and the way he describes the video in his little made me smile in a good way.
Here it goes:

Fingerprints and hairs on the lens, cutoff heads and final slam! This my first self filmed and edited video.
Introducing Nicola Giordano.
– Edo

Good Habits

by davidelp 21 March 2016

Office work sucks. Or not?

Few months after the release of the MC Wheels Test Video, MC Skateboards launches “Good Habits”, the last brilliant work by the bastard store manager Edo Paris.

MC Wheels Promo

by jep 21 March 2016

MC Skateboards launches a video test as a presentation of their new wheels and presents team manager Edo Paris as the certifier. I’m already using the wheels (54mm dual core) and i consider myself a satisfied customer.

Clearly besides me, Edo or Nicola, the wheels are Don Ciccio approved… and that’s all that really matters.

The new MC wheels, the boards and the clothing line are available at bastard store or directly at the source by The Skateshop.

Vans Bash 09

by giuli 21 March 2016

The bastard store, well represented by Edo Paris, Daniele Galli and Marco Lambertucci, has just participated to the Vans Bash 09, the european final of the “Battle of the Shops”, held at the Zumiez skatepark in Kortrjik, Brussels.

Having won the Italy/Canton Ticino round, the lazy riders had direct access to the semifinal, but unfortunately did not go any further.

As expected, the level of the contest was top notch, and the win went to Hawaii Surf Shop from Paris, that had the craziest team, Bastien Salabanzi, Marc Haziza and Adrienne Boullart.

The Zumiez park is awesome and despite the cold that penetrated inside too, the session was shockingly amazing.

Enjoy the little gallery of videos and photos that i made, also thanks to the help of our friend Elliott Vanderbroeke, who was also our driver/fixer for the event, and found the time to also work at the shop and to take some pics. Nothern efficiency.

To watch a video report of the event, click here: video 1, video 2.