Our Friends Are Our Heroes – Warriors Skateboards

by giuli 24 January 2011

Yari Copt refers to the Warriors as a very serious Swiss skate company. Everytime i go to Lugano for a photoshoot i come home exhausted. But watching Gilles Gallicchio, Martino Cattaneo, Igor Fardin & co. skate in real life pays me back everytime.

The Warriors are true veterans to the Jammin’ project. This is the fourth bastard Warriors collection, the clothing has evolved but the concept stays the same: 100% skate apparel.

Their latest video project Come Out To Skate was presented a few weeks ago and is available online, soon out in dvd.

Warriors magazine a.k.a. Wagazine

by jep 24 January 2011

The first issue of the wagazine – that is the  Warriors skateboards magazine – has just been published. With them bastard runs a collabo on some clothes since a few seasons.

It’s 138 pages of skateboarding and the transfer above of Julien Benoliel in the Marseille skatepark well represents the mood. Take a look.

Warriors C.O.T.S. premiere at Trinity Skatepark

by giuli 24 January 2011

The infamous swiss crew Warriors Skateboards will premiere their last video at the Trinity Skatepark in Milano, on Saturday night.
From the few teasers i came across and from what i heard, it’s going to be fun and there will be plenty of bangers to your delight!
And obviously the whole Warriors fam will attend and be there for a pre-video skate session and the after party, will you?

Click here for more info on the event.

Julien Benoliel – Warriors Family video

by giuli 24 January 2011

Julien Benoliel, kickass bowlrider and marseille local (the two things often coincide) just got into the Warriors family.

Actually a few months ago, watching him at the ISPO in Munich as he was getting tattooed the warriors bat/logo on his neck, i thought he might fancy the Lugano crew, captained by Yari Copt ;).

This is his welcome video. Enjoy.

Gil and The Devil

by lorebini 24 January 2011

Lately I am listening over and over to the latest record from Gil Scott-Heron. The great African American singer and Godfather of Hip Hop is eventually out of jail, and if he doesn’t make any more troubles he’s going to perform in Vigevano next week. Today I was checking out the video of one of my favourite songs of the album: Me and The Devil. Hey!… Who are those guys? The Warriors?

Warriors Sunglasses

by davidelp 24 January 2011

A little bit of a typical Warriors roughness together with the polyhedral genius of Yari Copt gave birth to this clip to present the new shades that fit well with the clothing line developed with bastard.

Warriors skateboards – Come Out To Skate trailer

by davidelp 24 January 2011

Warriors Skateboards, our favorite Lugano crew, announces with this trailer the upcoming release of their last video project Come Out To Skate. By knowing them and through this preview we know it’s gonna be hammer time… Watching this reminded me a little of Zero videos: they litterally make you hold your breath in between gnar tricks and gnar slams.

Since they have an active collaboration with the bastard JAMMIN’ Warriors Skateboards, on issue 26 of the bastard CataZine there is an article on them. Browsing through it you can come across, besides a few tasy images, the words of Yari Copt, deus ex machina of Warriors Skateboards, who shares his vision of the present skateboard business scenario.

ISPO 2010 – Friendly Report

by giuli 24 January 2011

Pirates, warriors and tatoos?

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Warriors Skateboards – ISPO 2010

by davidelp 24 January 2011

Warriors Skateboards proudly announces its first presence at the ISPO tradeshow in Münich (Germany) from February 7th through February 10th, Hall A2 – Booth 348A.

You will find the Warriors just behind the MiniRamp, so that you will easily enjoy the runs of Igor Fardin, Kevin Blaser and Martino Cattaneo.

The warriors will have a little booth with many surprises… need anticipations? Pirate Bar with free drinks for all visitors, tatoo area with pirate girls ready to tatoo Warriors logos all over the place, and last but not least, Warriors WAR OF THE WALL contest, on the wallride build by IOU Ramps with whom we had a collabo out in FW 2009.

Besides these tasty entertainment sessions, Warriors will be presenting the skate series Myths, 5 artists for 5 decks inspired by mythological creatures, and the new bastard Jammin collection FW 2010, of which we offer a peep preview below.

bastard CataZine n°25

by davidelp 24 January 2011

Catazine 25

Issue n° 25 (codename Lazy’s Health) of the bastard Catazine is now available at the bastard store, featuring Lukas Goller dealing with pre-ski exercise on the Anti-Cover.

Fortyeight pages that offer an inside look on the things we did in the last six months and the people we collaborated with for making the clothes we’re wearing this winter, JAMMIN’ e ARTISTUFF in particular.