Warriors skateboards – Come Out To Skate trailer

by davidelp 9 June 2010

Warriors Skateboards, our favorite Lugano crew, announces with this trailer the upcoming release of their last video project Come Out To Skate. By knowing them and through this preview we know it’s gonna be hammer time… Watching this reminded me a little of Zero videos: they litterally make you hold your breath in between gnar tricks and gnar slams.

Since they have an active collaboration with the bastard JAMMIN’ Warriors Skateboards, on issue 26 of the bastard CataZine there is an article on them. Browsing through it you can come across, besides a few tasy images, the words of Yari Copt, deus ex machina of Warriors Skateboards, who shares his vision of the present skateboard business scenario.

  1. jep Says:

    Per tutti gli skateshops che ancora non lo sanno (?) le tavole Warriors si trovano in Italia da blast! distribution

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