Stazione Centrale. Jacopo Carozzi’s new videopart screening

by jep 30 May 2018

Jacopo Carozzi: Stazione Centrale

Jacopo needs no intro. We just want to to say that for his new videopart he is paying homage to one of the most iconic skate plaza in the world: Stazione Centrale of Milano.🔥@pufftuffandskatestuff screening this Saturday June 2 – starts 6.30pm at bastard store with beer garden and bowl sesh

Next Saturday June 2 starting 6.30pm. This short film by Yoan Taillandier with Nike SB support.

via Scipio Slataper 19 – Milano [M5 Istria]

For the occasion a new screening setup in the foyer, beer garden with Muttnik and a classic bowl session with friends. Awesome.

Nicola Giordano for MC Skateboards

by giuli 30 May 2018

Edo Paris, bastard store manager and Mc Skateboards’ team manager, just published a little promo video for Nicola Giordano, recently acquired lazy rider.
This is the first time Edo challenges himself with filming and editing, and the way he describes the video in his little made me smile in a good way.
Here it goes:

Fingerprints and hairs on the lens, cutoff heads and final slam! This my first self filmed and edited video.
Introducing Nicola Giordano.
– Edo

Good Habits

by davidelp 30 May 2018

Office work sucks. Or not?

Few months after the release of the MC Wheels Test Video, MC Skateboards launches “Good Habits”, the last brilliant work by the bastard store manager Edo Paris.

MC Wheels Promo

by jep 30 May 2018

MC Skateboards launches a video test as a presentation of their new wheels and presents team manager Edo Paris as the certifier. I’m already using the wheels (54mm dual core) and i consider myself a satisfied customer.

Clearly besides me, Edo or Nicola, the wheels are Don Ciccio approved… and that’s all that really matters.

The new MC wheels, the boards and the clothing line are available at bastard store or directly at the source by The Skateshop.

bastard CataZine n°26

by davidelp 30 May 2018

If you’d like to know who are the people that designed the Colander jacket, who’s behind the Riot artwork or what inspired the colors of the Tropical pasta collection, you can find these answers inside issue 26 of the bastard Catazine, codename Rolling Bastard, which is now available at bastard store.

Inside the stories of Warriors Skateboards, NotAWonderBoy, Luca Zamoc, Pink is Punk, Punkreas and Tropical Pasta, the people we collaborated with for making the clothes we’re wearing this summer, particularly for the JAMMIN’ and ARTISTUFF collections.

The bastard catazine is available at bastard store or you can check out the online version of bastard CataZine.

Nicola Giordano new lazy rider

by giuli 30 May 2018

One night i was sitting at my desk in the office and saw Nicola Giordano nailing a sweet treflip on the top flat of the bastard bowl and i went:”Kid’s damn stylish!”. Right there and then I started thinking he could be a good lazy rider.

One of the many advantages of having a bowl in the office is that you can spot new talents without leaving your workstation, but still “live action”.
No more painful youtube sessions!

Nicola is a Milano Centrale local and he’s sponsored by the homonym skate company owned by Gio Onorato that realized the capsule collection Jammin’ Milano Centrale with bastard.

Nicola shares a few impressions on the italian skate scene on the recent VBS publication Skate Europe Season two.

bastard CataZine n°25

by davidelp 30 May 2018

Catazine 25

Issue n° 25 (codename Lazy’s Health) of the bastard Catazine is now available at the bastard store, featuring Lukas Goller dealing with pre-ski exercise on the Anti-Cover.

Fortyeight pages that offer an inside look on the things we did in the last six months and the people we collaborated with for making the clothes we’re wearing this winter, JAMMIN’ e ARTISTUFF in particular.