Nicola Giordano new lazy rider

by giuli 25 March 2010

One night i was sitting at my desk in the office and saw Nicola Giordano nailing a sweet treflip on the top flat of the bastard bowl and i went:”Kid’s damn stylish!”. Right there and then I started thinking he could be a good lazy rider.

One of the many advantages of having a bowl in the office is that you can spot new talents without leaving your workstation, but still “live action”.
No more painful youtube sessions!

Nicola is a Milano Centrale local and he’s sponsored by the homonym skate company owned by Gio Onorato that realized the capsule collection Jammin’ Milano Centrale with bastard.

Nicola shares a few impressions on the italian skate scene on the recent VBS publication Skate Europe Season two.

Bauli strikes again

by giuli 25 March 2010


Marco Lambertucci, a.k.a.the Bauli, after working hard throughout springtime on “extraskate” projects, took his summer revenge, travelling around and killing it on his board as usual! He went to Belgium and The Netherlands with Nikolai Danov and Davy Van Laere to shoot photos and film, to the Grill’em All in Schnals (on the Alps) and to top it off he went out on a nice photo mission with me on the Riviera Romagnola, the area where he’s from.

And last Sunday he scored the best trick at the ninth edition of the Zucka vs. tutti, with his signature frontside kicklip shot down a quite gnarly staircase! The lazy rider went back to his hometown Riccione with a big smile on his face and a 250 euros cash prize. Bravo! Click here to watch the event report.

Lazy Riders on Baco 38

by GroS 25 March 2010
Nessun Dorma - GroS dormitory in Bergamo

Nessun Dorma - GroS dormitory in Bergamo

On Baco # 38 you can read about a tour we did some time ago… 12 pages With Lupi, Bauli, Marcin and Nikolai that show a different view of Bergamo, a city next to Milano with big potential. I like a lot the comments on the pics by Mirai, that guy is very funny. 

Lazy Riders Florida Trip day 1

by davidelp 25 March 2010


The Lazy Riders trip ’08 started last Monday. After a hard journey the riders, Marco Lambertucci, Daniele Galli, Raul Lupianez e Sergio Minnici reached Orlando, home base of the trip.

Daniele, the team manager, send us a small report of the first day spent in Orlando.

“Today we had the first approach with the Orlando skate scene with the Covert skateshop guys. They took us into one of the Orlando concrete skatepark. Basically one of the best skatepark that I’d never seen.

We spent all the morning there and the afternoon fiming in some secret spots with the local Ryan Nix and his filmer David.

It’s only the first day, this place is the paradise…Keep in touch” 

Lazy Riders Greek tour

by GroS 25 March 2010

The Lazy Riders gonna be in Athen from tomorrow to sunday for a Greek tour. Alpha Triad (our Greek distributor) is waiting for Marco Lambertucci, Raùl Lupiañez and Daniele Galli togheter with the spanish filmer Julian Castel for some days of tour around Athen, untill we go to the Actionway sport expo.

Photoshooting in Milano

by GroS 25 March 2010

In these days the Lazy Riders are around Milano to shoot some footage with Julien Castel and Filip Zuan. Special guest Ale Magnani From Switzerland.