Family Sale 2023 at Ostello Bello

by jep 29 November 2023

bastard Family Sale flyer Ostello Bello
Starting from Saturday, the 2nd, until Sunday, the 3rd December at Ostello Bello Milano Centrale, bastard on the verge of its thirtieth birthday, is awakening from hibernation due to popular demand. It’s getting back into its trademark OG Family Sale business—a traditional sale reserved for friends and those of you who follow us. We are offering samples, prototypes, last pieces, and other exclusive clothes and accessories for the Winter.

Those lazy Italians have delved deep into the warehouse and will be open for the whole weekend from 10:30 to 10:30pm.
Come join us if you are around!

bastard bowl turns Golden in Venice

by jep 29 November 2023

From Venice to Venice TopView bastard bowl

No, it’s not a rendering: this project, resulted from a collaboration between bastard and the venetian luxury shoes brand Golden Goose, kept us busy during the whole month of August. We moved the milanese ‘bastard bowl’ to Venice, for a truly special event in the lagoon.

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bastard 5tate of Mind

by jep 29 November 2023

bastard 5tate of mind

This time we joined our friends of 5tate Of Mind in Bologna for a lean collection of clothes for the spring, to be abused in the city and maybe at night time too, considering the many reflective details designed.

We did the artworks and they put design, production and sales.

All the items in this limited 5OM x bastard collection are available in some shops on the street – the new 5OM Bolo Store grand opening in these days included – and online directly from the source.


Below the video of this collaboration and on 5tate Of Mind blog some shots at the main street spot in Bologna that saves your ass when the weather is rainy and times are tough.

Proudly Made by Those Lazy Italians

Photo and video: Andrea Vespignani and Marco Santos

Music: Shocca aka Roc Beats

Skaters: Mattia Restante, Alex Borgatti and Piazzetta players (Bo)

Not a Crime docu by Repubblica on the origins of skateboarding in Italy

by jep 29 November 2023

On RepTv journalist Antonio Nasso walks through the origins of skateboarding in Italy with interviews with the main players.



Vans “Foot The Bill” x bastard

by jep 29 November 2023

Vans FootTheBill x bastard

We are happy to be part of the Vans Foot The Bill program, with a Slip-On created by our favourite skulldisegner RickyStyle and dedicated to the mind behind all this: Steve Van Doren.


Open Day for the Academy of Skateboarding

by Riccardo Tognella 29 November 2023


Saturday 9 November, the Academy of Skateboarding coaches are waiting for you in the bastard bowl to let you taste some splinters of Nordic birch wood under your skate wheels. If you think you’ll not fall you are in the wrong place but if you wanna learn how to do it with style then you are in the right one. Read the rest of this entry »

ScreechBitch x bastard

by jep 29 November 2023

ScreecBitch mural in bastard bowl-2000px-8818

Local ripper Indro Martinenghi gave us a new piece on the main bastard bowl’s wall, and his own version of the bastard lefty. ScreechBitch.

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Muckefuck x bastard marble wheel

by jep 29 November 2023

Muckefuck x bastard marble wheel 54mm

In collaboration with Muckefuck Skateboards & Urethane we developed a new 54 mm wheel made of urethane without coloring pigments. The artwork with the classic bastard skull features the palladian marble flooring of the bastard store in Milano.

Lambrothers 2019

by jep 29 November 2023


Saturday 15 June 2019 we’ll meet at the Parco Lambro skatepark in Milano with the classic Lambrothers party and skate contest. It will start in the afternoon, with the Gaza Free Style Festival.

This year we will gather the funds to complete the skatepark in Gaza!

Academy of Skateboarding – Open Day for the spring

by Riccardo Tognella 29 November 2023


Doors to the bowl are about to be opened for the Academy of Skateboarding‘s new Open Day for the Spring on Saturday, May 25 2019, open to everybody, upon registration. Take a free ride ticket on:

Come to spend 1 hour with us in the bastard bowl or share with your friends.
Space is limited… hurry up if interested.