The Education Of Style – Italian premiere

by davidelp 27 September 2012

Tanner Hall, Henrik Harlaut and Phil Casabon will be hitting the bastard store on the 3rd of October. They will attend the premiere of their latest movie “The education of Style” by Inspired media.

Do you want to meet the Inspired crew, watch their latest movie and get a glossy poster signed by Tanner, Henrik and Phil?

Where? Milan, bastard store, via Scipio Slataper n19

When? Wednesday October 3rd, 2012

What time? 9:00 pm

I wanna be there, what should I do?

Seats are limited, so, if you want to attend the premiere, you have to do two simple things.

  1. Visit the facebook page event or Google+ and click “going”.
  2. Answer the question” Which are the nicknames of the three skiers featured in the movie?”Send you reply to and the first ones win free tickets for the premiere.

Harry up seats are limited!

bastard Grill’Em All – Val Senales: report

by GroS 27 September 2012

Tobias Sherlin bs rodeo sul gap

Man, we make it safe! It was not easy at all, special for the Grill and the party, but the week end in Val Senales was great…

Saturday morning Supersession at the big Jump and Ignorant Session at the pool, check the gallery below. In the afternoon we grll and dink the all day at the skatepark. Nikolai Danov and Marco Lambertucci were skating and we were playing ignogolf!

Simon Gruber sw bs 900 sul salto grosso per tutta la mattina! gli skiers come al solito vanno grossissimi Tobias Sherlin meno grosso del solito per risparmiare energie per la festa

The night was too cold for party outside, so we moved to the Leon’s pub and the party went crazy (as usual over there).

Ale Bianchetti arrivato in Senales con il suo camperino a passato la mattina a cappottare sui saltoni L'arrivo di Lukas Goller scatena l'ignaranza Guli windsurfer per un giorno

Simo Gruber, la seggiovia è chiusa scatta l'ignoranza... Lukas e lo swing Elmar hands up in the air!

Jimmi non teme nulla shaper death race

Thanks to Gentlemen Riders, Alex Fakieshop, all the riders, drinkers and party animals! It’s always good to spend a couple of days there, they are champions in “happiness”!

Gros alle prese con lo strumento locale Tobias e lo Schnolser Pfeif Tobias Sherlin in versione notturna mentre Davide tiene duro come un ragazzino

Guli il vero party animal della serata Lukas Goller in un bicchiere la coco in uno il rum Tobias Sherlin domenica mattina ore 13

Freeski camp summer 2009

by davidelp 27 September 2012

Paolo Martinoglio has just arrived in Les Deux Alpes, the summer base of his freestyle ski camp.

The FREESKICAMP project stems from the idea of the three young instructors/riders Paolo Martinoglio, Federico De albertis and Marco Eydallin. The goal of the camp is to improve , in a safe and fun way, the technical level on every feature in the snowpark , even for freeski newbies.

So if you’re more of the windbreaker type rather than the boardshorts guy, go hang out at Deux Alpes. On all the infos to join Paolo and the Freeski crew.
As you can see in the video below you can swim too!

Electric Safari session report

by davidelp 27 September 2012

Tobias Sherlin visto dal fish eye di Daniele Kaehr

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Electric Safari Session Rinviata a pasqua

by GroS 27 September 2012

meteoCausa maltempo che si sta per abbattere sopra la ridente località di Gaverland abbiamo deciso di rinviare il photoshooting ai giorni 12 e 13 di Aprile

March 28th Electric Safari Session @ Gaverland

by GroS 27 September 2012


Saturday 28th @ Gaverland there will be the Electric Safari Session. Here the program:

Saturday morning fotoshooting with the Electric ski and snowboard team on a big jump made just for the session by Mattia Molnar, Alessandro Bianchetti and the Soul Park City Boys with the Gaverland powerfool tools.

If that’s not enough, saturday night the park on the bottom of the mountain it will be open with the lights.

Saturday night @ Campras BBQ, and from the 23:00 bastard party with dj Cor/radio.

For hotel booking:
HOTEL EUROPA: tel. 0365/903095; or 349/2817526
RIFUGIO CAMPRAS: tel. 0365/99210 or 349/6740477

Paolo “Pablo” Martinoglio join Electric team Europe

by GroS 27 September 2012


Congratulation to our best ski rider Electric passes to the European team. here a little interview to know him better.

How did you get in the european team?
It was not much easy. I have tried to demonstrate to the people who trust me,  that I was making of my best and that it would have helped me have the possibility to confront myselfe with the international scene.

What about being a part of this reality?
It is an honor and a great opportunity. Be with international riders will help me a lot to get better and better eather grow up tecnilly and with the motivation. I will try to give my best to make the people who belived me happy.

If something change, what does changed your life of rider to be a part of the european team?
Sure something will change, now is only at the beginning. What I waited for is to participate to some Shooting and contests for being able to demonstrate that they exist also Italian skier in the international scene!

With all this snowing, did you make something interesting this winter?
This winter we are luky! In US they have not so much, we are covered! This winter I did some contest outside of Italy and a lot of powder!

Do you have some “international” program?
I hope! Now i have to go to the European Open, and than we will see… I hope to travel a lot!

Take a look on the video Limone supersession with John Olsson