Alvvino the gloriuos

by davidelp 10 May 2013

Alvvino, the Glorious t-shirt and the bastard hot peppers.

We don’t need to add anything to the Zamoc speech, it well describes Alvvino. We only want to say that he’s the designer of the Glorious t-shirt.

bastard CataZine n°32 at home with free stickers

by jep 10 May 2013

bastard CataZine #32

The new bastard Spring CataZine n. 32 is on its way (with free stickers by popular request, like good’ol times!) to all registered customers.

If you are not registered yet, give us all your shipping details and get it for free by registering your account on the bastard store.

Zamoc, the jester

by davidelp 10 May 2013

Luca Zamoc was born in the mid eighties and learned the first drawing notions from comic books, the bible and anatomy books. He later on moves to Milano to take an art direction and graphic design course at Nuova Accademia dell’Arte art academy. He draws on any media, from walls to paper to digital illustrations. He recently left again left his gray hometown, the city of Modena, moving subsequently to Los Angeles, New York, Berlin, London, Venice and now Istanbul.

May he have changed since we last saw him? Judging from the clothes he designed for the bastard collection, he is still his same old self, but like a good wine, his art just gets better with age.

Death is the only big theme in my work.

I’m not good at describing life, i don’t know how to use colors, i can’t draw people (women in particular) and i can’t tell anything pleasant. If you visit my tumblr it’s all guts, monsters and assassins.

Here is the exclusive Interview with the Death.

Zamoc tlog

by jep 10 May 2013

Today I am so happy because I discovered the new tumblelog of Zamoc. Gems of pure research.

Zamoc exhibit at Dispenser

by vecho 10 May 2013

Maybe due to his recent trip to California Luca Zamoc, our painter friend with a hefty talent, reveals a colorful world of his own snapping out of the misty, monochromatic reality that he was known for.

Unbelievable? Visit his new website updated with the latest works, among which the bastard store murales that later became a t-shirt.

Want to see his work with your own eyes? You just lucked out, as his exhibition is grand opening on Friday, April 29th (7pm through midnight) at the Dispenser in Viale Faenza, 12 Milano.
During the show he will be performing some live painting together with Mosone, Sea and 2501.

Zamoc goes to Senigallia (PAm)

by jep 10 May 2013

Zamoc just informed us that he will be part of PAm, the italian Visual Arts Festival happening on July 8-9-10-11 in Senigallia (AN) – Italy.

The pic above has been shot during his first solo show in Milano
is everything still spinning around Zamoc?

4×4 Surplus – Fuck Off

by davidelp 10 May 2013

4X4=16. Sixteen artists gather together for Fuck Off, street art stickers event organized by marco Oleari and supported by Neuro Shock from Modena.
Besides stickering everything these Modena artists will develop a collective graphic designed to be printed on a limited edition t-shirt made by Neuro Shock.
Luca Zamoc will be part of this collective, so it’s for sure going to be interesting.

Friday, 7th May
from 11 pm
Mr. Muzic Off
Via morandi 71 Modena

bastard CataZine n°26

by davidelp 10 May 2013

If you’d like to know who are the people that designed the Colander jacket, who’s behind the Riot artwork or what inspired the colors of the Tropical pasta collection, you can find these answers inside issue 26 of the bastard Catazine, codename Rolling Bastard, which is now available at bastard store.

Inside the stories of Warriors Skateboards, NotAWonderBoy, Luca Zamoc, Pink is Punk, Punkreas and Tropical Pasta, the people we collaborated with for making the clothes we’re wearing this summer, particularly for the JAMMIN’ and ARTISTUFF collections.

The bastard catazine is available at bastard store or you can check out the online version of bastard CataZine.

Cembro on Zamoc – Reply Video

by giuli 10 May 2013

Lorenzo Fonda, a.k.a. Cembro, made this short video in which he explains his relationship with Zamoc, recently featured with his exhibit La Nebbia and author of the newest murale at the bastard store.

! The video is in italian, sorry english speakers.

Zamoc in black and white

by MAS™ 10 May 2013

We made this video for the Zamoc show at the bastard store. Here he explains why the title La Nebbia – italian word for The Fog –

The painting that he and his friend Luca Lattuga left on the wall of the bookcase get our respect!