The 3x3x3 Vans project – bastard and Mattia Turco

by jep 28 May 2018

Mattia Turco resident artist 3x3x3

If you’ve ever had the chance to visit the bastard store and climb up upstairs, where we run our offices, you’ve probably met Mattia Turco and checked out his studio with his latest works.

With the 3x3x3 project by Vans – a skate deck series of 3, designed by 3 skaters in collaboration with their 3 supporting skateshops – we’ve worked on a skate deck and on a special t-shirt to represent the synthesis of the expressive research of Mattia today. Read the rest of this entry »

Mattia Turco x Vans 50 mural at bastard bowl

by jep 28 May 2018

Mattia Turco x Vans 50 mural at bastard bowl

Mattia Turco is one of the most powerful skaters around in Milan and a great artist with his own technical painting skills that keeps evolving. He is part of our family. Read the rest of this entry »

Jim Houser – a position on a map

by jep 28 May 2018


We have been waiting for four years the comeback of Jim Houser in Milan! Here we go: A position on a map opens at Galleria Patricia Armocida in Milan, Tuesday Jan 21 at 7:00PM.

WARNING: Piggy bank your time has come. Some buying may occur.

bastard CataZine n°32 at home with free stickers

by jep 28 May 2018

bastard CataZine #32

The new bastard Spring CataZine n. 32 is on its way (with free stickers by popular request, like good’ol times!) to all registered customers.

If you are not registered yet, give us all your shipping details and get it for free by registering your account on the bastard store.

BRUXISMO: the art of Mattia Turco

by vecho 28 May 2018

Mattia Turco is a good friend of ours, a great skater and an all around good guy. He expresses himself through his painting and is known for his unique etching technique.

Join us on Wed, September 26th (6pm) at the bastard store for Mattia Turco’s first solo exhibition, BRUXISMO, and take a journey to the far side, guided by Mattia’s own insights into his mind’s eye.

During the exhibition, Open through Saturday September 29th, you can admire Mattia’s art work and, if you’re a skater boy, rip it up on the bastard bowl during the organized skate session.

Want to learn more about Mattia? Is him!

Want to check out his work? Have a look here!

Register online for this event on Google+ or on Facebook.

Mattia Turco tlog – to one on his back in the dark

by jep 28 May 2018

Not only Mattia Turco has got one the most explosive ollies ever seen around here, he also recently opened his new tumblelog which features a lot of interesting work. He throws an oil layer on the sheet, covers everything with black and pulls the drawing out by scraping the surface with a technique that reminds me the works i did in school as a kid.

Above and below, the one that would rather suffer than die.

P.s. Mattia is now on the roster of El Santo Skateboards.

Spring’s photo shooting

by vecho 28 May 2018

Many collaborators and friends have gathered again for the now classic photo shooting with photo master Giuliano Berarducci, who, as a ship captain from other times, guided us through the stormy weathers of the semestral shooting that gave birth to the spring summer 2011 bastard catalog.

Thank you, thank you and more thank yous to Enrico “ERREDBARON” Predeval, Mattia Turco, Nicola Giordano, René Olivo, beautiful Giulia “fastidio” Boselli and young Easy, who posed for the first bastard kid collection.

Exceptionals models were Koji and Luca from Milano City Ink, Giorgio from UBM, Nico & Andrea alias Pink is Punk and the Warriors.

Enjoy the images.