Ride Fast

by davidelp 13 December 2011

“We deliver a cleaner Milan”, is the motto of the folks at UBM, and we are proud to support the Urban Bike Messengers by designing the bastard UBM collection for them.
The Pawn gloves, for instance, were made following their requests and preferences, and if they’re good enough for them, who know it all too well about mileage on a bike, they’re certainly good enough for us.
Reflecting print on the knuckles, reinforced palm and comfy, anti-skid rubber for great grip on the handles, 100% neoprene fabric. Zero cold and tons of comfort.

And come on, let’s admit that riding around with Ride Fast printed on your knuckles actually does make you go faster… Read the rest of this entry »

Spring’s photo shooting

by vecho 13 December 2011

Many collaborators and friends have gathered again for the now classic photo shooting with photo master Giuliano Berarducci, who, as a ship captain from other times, guided us through the stormy weathers of the semestral shooting that gave birth to the spring summer 2011 bastard catalog.

Thank you, thank you and more thank yous to Enrico “ERREDBARON” Predeval, Mattia Turco, Nicola Giordano, René Olivo, beautiful Giulia “fastidio” Boselli and young Easy, who posed for the first bastard kid collection.

Exceptionals models were Koji and Luca from Milano City Ink, Giorgio from UBM, Nico & Andrea alias Pink is Punk and the Warriors.

Enjoy the images.

CiclArt Milano

by MAS™ 13 December 2011

Today September 16th Ciclart grand opens at 12pm. It is one of the seven events the city of Milano is organizing for the European Week of Mobility.

The exhibition confirms the binomial art/bicycle with the transformation of a machine, already perfect, in art object that stimulates the creativity of many artists.
Along with the old customized bike UBM – Urban Bike Messengers, sponsor of the event will show the bikes that they use everyday for echo deliveries in the city of Milan.

The exhibition takes place in the cloister of Palazzo Isimbardi located in Via Viavaio, 1 Milano and it will stay open to public on Thursday, September 16th from 2pm to 6pm and from Friday 17th through Wednesday 22nd from 10am to 6pm.