Milano City Ink – Against Claustrophobia

by davidelp 28 June 2011

We met the tattoo artists from Milano City Ink about a year ago to realize a t-shirt line called Against Claustrophobia with them.

The whole claustrophobia concept stems from the proximity of their studio with the S. Vittore penitentiary compound, hard to ignore with its oppressive presence in the center of Milano.
The claustrophobia of captivity may recall the confinement of ink trapped under the skin, or an idea trapped in the mind that needs an artist to be freed.

Thus resulting in 3 graphics by Luca Natalini, Amanda Toy and Koji Yamaguchi who, for once, chose cotton instead of skin as their canvas.

Cubist dolls with naif references for the Amanda Toy artwork.

Koji Yamaguchi‘s artwork is a controversial cartoon with green rats held prisoners in a purple brain.

Luca Natalini interpretes the subjet of the collection with a suffering hearth trapped in his rib cage.

Salad Days Magazine decided to elaborate this collaboration with an interview to Matteo, who provided for design, and Attilio, who coordinated the artists’ work. You will find it on Salad Days Magazine 8, July issue.

Spring’s photo shooting

by vecho 28 June 2011

Many collaborators and friends have gathered again for the now classic photo shooting with photo master Giuliano Berarducci, who, as a ship captain from other times, guided us through the stormy weathers of the semestral shooting that gave birth to the spring summer 2011 bastard catalog.

Thank you, thank you and more thank yous to Enrico “ERREDBARON” Predeval, Mattia Turco, Nicola Giordano, René Olivo, beautiful Giulia “fastidio” Boselli and young Easy, who posed for the first bastard kid collection.

Exceptionals models were Koji and Luca from Milano City Ink, Giorgio from UBM, Nico & Andrea alias Pink is Punk and the Warriors.

Enjoy the images.