Lambrothers 2019

by jep 14 June 2019


Saturday 15 June 2019 we’ll meet at the Parco Lambro skatepark in Milano with the classic Lambrothers party and skate contest. It will start in the afternoon, with the Gaza Free Style Festival.

This year we will gather the funds to complete the skatepark in Gaza!

Lambrotherday Skate Party

by jep 14 June 2019


Sunday May 24 there is party going on with the Lambrothers, starting from 3PM at the Parco Lambro Skatepark (subway green line M2 Udine stop). Come with friends, it doesn’t matter if they ride on skateboard or not, it will be fun.

[…] si festeggia un pezzo di storia del bowlriding italiano: dodici anni di skateboarding in parco Lambro! Il contest inizierà dopo le ore 15.00 ma sarà solo un pretesto per fare festa. La direzione artistica di questa “jungle edition” è affidata a Edo Paris che ha sviluppato una formula ispirata direttamente alla selezione naturale: la Royal Rumble! Quest’anno saremo supportati da una coralità di companies, distributori, associazioni, enti locali ed artisti. La colonna musicale dell’evento sarà come sempre curata da dj Machete. Con la clemenza del bel tempo si prospetta una domenica on fire. Would you like some bananas?

The “New Deal” Bowl Contest

by davidelp 14 June 2019

The locals at Parco Lambro Skatepark are willing to create an association so to avoid time and money wasting ventures and give advice to local administrations when it comes to building something for skateboarding.

Want to help them out? Join them on Sept.10th The New Deal – Bowl contest.

Contest starts at 4:00 pm, free skating and warm-up sessions welcome until then, after 6:00 pm concerts with Hot Gangs And The Asylum Ladies, Pico, Red Room, Elefunky, Mexican Standoff, White Collar, Revofever, The Old News.

Did you know that there are two parrotts living in a tree at Parco Lambro?

Ledge at Lambro

by giuli 14 June 2019

A hard working crew gathered on Saturday night in order to build a concrete fixed ledge at the Lambro Skatepark.

Cohesive teamwork gave the desired result in a short time, although i didn’t do much with the excuse of documenting the whole op.

Thanks to everybody present on Saturday now even an invetered, and moroned, streeter like me will have his piece of heaven at the Lambro park.
And, who knows, in between a tailslide and a k grind i might finally drop into those, for me, long dreaded transitions…

Thanks and thanks again, here is my contribution with this little photo report.

Lambrooklyn Skate Contest & Party ’09

by andreav 14 June 2019


Lambro is more than the first concrete bowl in Milano… it’s a family, a big one.
Sunday October 18th starting from 2 p.m. concerts, bbq and skate contest… no time based run and no subscriptions, just the trophy!

On all the info.

Seen from the outside. Amen

by jep 14 June 2019

Our danish friends at just published a report with some pics of Milano. Above Amen with his classic Anti Gravity Ass transfer at Lambro Skatepark. Simon Bressendorff sent us this video we are happy to share.

Here in bastard we celebrated Amen with this teeshirt e this bandamen.

Fridge-van Spaghetto

by jep 14 June 2019

Gianluca Mariani and Carletto Lalumera, two long time skaters from Milano, today discovered to the people at the local Parco Lambro Skatepark, their fridge-van Spaghetto that you can see in the pics below.

Frigo-van Spaghetto

Frigo-van Spaghetto

  • useful – keeps cool many beers
  • beautiful – the design speaks for itself
  • transportable – with balanced wheels it can ride on the worst terrains and you can take it with you everywhere
  • ecologic – instead of trashing an old fridge and a cradle you can reuse them cleverly. Loaded with ice blocks it keeps the temperature for the whole day.
  • economic – go visiting your attic and maybe you’ll find all the materials to build your own version

If this is their contribution to the upcoming design week in Milano… Design Award ad honorem!

Night Session @LambroSkatepark – Milano

by andreav 14 June 2019

Daniele Galli

Yesterday night at the LambroSkatepark here in Milano there was a photosession with Daniele Galli, Nikolai Danov e Cristian “amen” Amendolara. It’s soo fun to skate at dark… unfortunately the Milan City Council still insist on negating lights to the skaters while claiming the city a modern one and hooray for the Expo. So we had to use our own.