Disassembling the bastard Cargo pants

by davidelp 27 July 2014


We hacked the bastard Cargo pants, disassembling it into pieces, to better understand the reasons of its success and find new spots for improvement. As most of the times, it’s never one factor only and for dure the statement printed on its bag and sewed inside contributes:

This authentic bastard issued garment isn’t designed for sissies. Inspired by military life it’s tough enough to withstand some serious whoop-ass and won’t let you down when the going get tough. Just don’t expect to find us crawling around in the foxhole with you… we’re lovers not fighters.
Make love not war.


Fridge-van Spaghetto

by jep 27 July 2014

Gianluca Mariani and Carletto Lalumera, two long time skaters from Milano, today discovered to the people at the local Parco Lambro Skatepark, their fridge-van Spaghetto that you can see in the pics below.

Frigo-van Spaghetto

Frigo-van Spaghetto

  • useful – keeps cool many beers
  • beautiful – the design speaks for itself
  • transportable – with balanced wheels it can ride on the worst terrains and you can take it with you everywhere
  • ecologic – instead of trashing an old fridge and a cradle you can reuse them cleverly. Loaded with ice blocks it keeps the temperature for the whole day.
  • economic – go visiting your attic and maybe you’ll find all the materials to build your own version

If this is their contribution to the upcoming design week in Milano… Design Award ad honorem!

OpenSpime drink-link @ bastard

by jep 27 July 2014

On Wednesday, April 9, starting at 6.30 PM bastard will open the doors of his Milan HeadQuarter for a meeting organized by the friends of OpenSpime. The event is open to every hardware hacker, but registration is required.

Here a concept video of a possible spime application:

Hack of The Plastic Chair

by jep 27 July 2014

The Cargo shooting