“Everybody is in” – full video online

by davidelp 14 January 2013

Randomvideo has finally published online “Everybody is in”, its annual snowboard movie.

The movie is dedicated to the memory of Amedeo Viviani (RIP) and features the italian leading snowboarders like Amedeo Viviani, Filippo Kratter, Nicolò Pezzato, Simon Gruber, Lorenzo Barbieri, Tato Chiala, Matteo Zappaterra, Lorenzo Buzzoni, and our friend/designer/snowboarder Lukas Goller. Enjoy!

Deep in snow…

by vecho 14 January 2013

Only if you’ve been deep in the snow up to the neck you can really understand the necessary features for good outerwear. That’s the reason why who designs the bastard outerwear line has to be a snowboarder first, like our friend/designer/snowboarder Lukas Goller. We believe that one can design a good product only if he’s able to test it himself. And we’ve been thinking so since nineteenninetyfour#.

Snow has come, get yourself in the snow up to the neck too with the jackets and pants from the new bastard snowear collection that will keep you dry and warm.

Lukas Goller’s winter clothes

by davidelp 14 January 2013

Today Lukas Goller shows us his wish list from the bastard Fall Winter 2012-13 collection.

Lukas is our outerwear designer and tester, so he has already tested (and abused) all the bastard snowear products during last winter sessions, for this reason he selected only street clothes.

Do you wanna see Lukas in action around the alps? Than you should go to Modena Skipass for the premiere of the video Random EVERYBODY IS IN, friday night at 8pm.

It’s time for snowear

by vecho 14 January 2013

Lukas Goller is a visionary hippie with a thick german accent who has dedicated a big part of his life to snowboarding and the mountains. His brain is a volcano of ideas and his bohemian attitude makes him have a sensitive and focused point of view on the most different aspects of reality.
His sober madness, in contrast with the rationality and the experience of the long time designer/skater/snowboarder Andrea Vecchi has created the the new fw11-12 snowear collection signed by bastard: an orgy of essential lines, functional designs and revolutionary ideas.

Randomite – teaser

by davidelp 14 January 2013

The new RandomVideo teaser came out on time as usual. Randomite, this is the name of the video, will be out in fall 2011 featuring the videoparts of Whatza and Lukas Goller.
What a pleasure for me to see Lukas jumping with the Salmon board we gave him last winter for a test, it seems to work very good!

Whileitlasts Skatepark

by vecho 14 January 2013

How many things does Lukas Goller have to juggle for soothing his visionary madness?

Way too many, but never enough.

Snowboarding is not enough, drawing is not enough, and not even designing snowboard apparel seems to be enough now.

In order to compensate for his madness disguised as genius good ol’ Lukas had to dive into another project, the making of the Whileitlast, which is a temporary skatepark in the Innsbruck area, built out of recycled materials.

Take a look at whileitlasts and learn the lesson: with little you can do a lot.

Random Video presents Lukas Goller

by davidelp 14 January 2013

The guys at Random Video spend most of the year closely with Lukas and Watza. I assume they spend more time with them than with their girlfriends.
At the end of the year everything summarizes in a three minute videopart, that are often not enough to tell the whole story.
This is why Random adds the “Random Presents” clips: 45 seconds with the riders featured in Too Much Too Serious. Here’s the clip dedicated to Lukas Goller.

p.s. Lukas has also designed with Andrea Vecchi the snowear bastard 2010 collection. Keep up the good work Luki!

Random Video at bastard store

by davidelp 14 January 2013

Matteo Borgardt, a.k.a. Whatza, back from his spiritual trip around India, just came by to say what’s up. He showed up with Alessandro Miniotti, a.k.a. Killer, deus ex machina of Random Video.

Killer gave us the last few copies available of Too Much Too Serious, italian snowboard movie produced by Random Video, with two terrific videoparts by Whatza and Lukas Goller along with Tato Chiala, Lorenzo Barbieri and Filippo Kratter, just to mention a few. If you didn’t see yet come to the bastard store to grab your own copy, it comes for free with the november issue of Sequence.

As a reward, we gave Killer a brand new Degree jacket so that he can stay warm and protected during the filming sessions for the next video.

Lulu & Pirates

by davidelp 14 January 2013

The artBook Hooked, by Pirate Movie Production, illustrates through drawings and pictures years of snowboard, trips and Isolation Camps.

For the first time in Italy at bastard store, an exhibition presented by Lukas Goller e Tobias “Ludschi” Ludescher.

It will open up on thursday December 2, from 6,30 PM, with beers and pretzels for everyone.

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Our Friends Are Our Heroes – Lukas Goller

by andreav 14 January 2013

Lukas Flash Goller, photographed by Denis Piccolo while filming for Too Much Too Serious, spent last winter mostly in the alps; besides snowboarding he was designing and testing the new bastard snowear collection.

Among his great inventions, the closet pocket in the Goja jacket, in which you can store pretty much all you need in the mountains.

Lukas is a snowboarder, designer and visionaire. He might not have superpowers, but once you get to know him, he’ll look like a superhero to you. He already is in our eyes.