Random Video “TOO MUCH TOO SERIOUS” teaser

by davidelp 15 July 2010

Random Video Production proudly presents the teaser of “Too Much Too Serious”, his last video coming next fall, with videoparts for Lukas Goller and Matteo Borgardt.

Here are some questions to Alessandro Miniotti, aka Killer.

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Gimme Some video – Lukas Goller

by davidelp 15 July 2010

LikeMilk has recently published the videoparts from GimmeSome, the Random video project of the winter 2010.

Waiting for the next videopart coming in the winter, we can now enjoy these three minutes full of pillows, cliffs and smooth landings with the signature Lukas Goller flow.

Good morning Lukas

by davidelp 15 July 2010

«Hi Lukas, what’s going on?»
«Gut! I just left Innsbruck, I am going to Argentera! It’s fa-antastik!»

Phone calls between me and Lukas Goller during this past winter would almost always start off like that.

Argentera is a small village counting 93 residents, near Cuneo. Lukas got so much into it he spent most of the last filming season there, as he was shooting for Random Video.

In the photo above, taken by Denis Piccolo and published on Sequence Snowboarding #25, we can peep a little preview of what’s gonna show next season.

Lukas on Entry #31

by GroS 15 July 2010

On Entry snowboard magazine #31 you can read a nice interview of Lukas Goller. For once, snowboarding gets left apart in order to explore his artistic attitude.

First of all Lukas is a free minded person who tries to express himself through ways he likes. In fact this three pages interview is more about his way of seeing art than about snowboarding.

Lukas collaborated to the designing of the outerwear for next winter introducing notable innovations. He’s also the author of the “Lubert” graphic, shown here below, for the next bastard collection, Fw 2010, in stores in September.

Lukas Goller on Transworld Snowboarding

by davidelp 15 July 2010


This photograph portrays Lukas Goller under the chairlift in Val Senales, Italy.  When I looked at the picture for the first time I immediately fell in love for it. Evidently was appreciated as much overseas, to the point that it got featured on a double spread in the wallpaper section, Transworld Snowboarding December issue.

For those who might not know the photographer Matt Georges, he’s a French dude based in Grenoble, who usually brings an innovative perspective on action shots, always focusing on the environment rather than obsessing on the trick itself. Check his personal page on Onboard for a deeper look. 

bastard CataZine n°25

by davidelp 15 July 2010

Catazine 25

Issue n° 25 (codename Lazy’s Health) of the bastard Catazine is now available at the bastard store, featuring Lukas Goller dealing with pre-ski exercise on the Anti-Cover.

Fortyeight pages that offer an inside look on the things we did in the last six months and the people we collaborated with for making the clothes we’re wearing this winter, JAMMIN’ e ARTISTUFF in particular.

Lukas in: Riding Pow in EU with the pirates

by GroS 15 July 2010

Lukas Goller, riding pow in Eu

Here’s some nice powder footy and various impressions on Riding Pow in Eu, the new podcast episode of the Pirates Movie Production. It also features Lukas Goller who, besides riding for the Pirates also expressed his creativity in several graphic illustrations over the last few years.

Something about Lukas

by jep 15 July 2010


In the Art area of freestyle.ch it has just been published an interview with Lukas Goller. Starting 2009 he put his contribution to the bastard snowboard project.

The itw is in german language but you can see a selection of his works (the one above is for Milano Centrale skateboards)… I can’t understand what is written but I can follow the only link written and I remember Lukas often talks about this: Trailer Park Boys.

bastard Grill’Em All – Val Senales: report

by GroS 15 July 2010

Tobias Sherlin bs rodeo sul gap

Man, we make it safe! It was not easy at all, special for the Grill and the party, but the week end in Val Senales was great…

Saturday morning Supersession at the big Jump and Ignorant Session at the pool, check the gallery below. In the afternoon we grll and dink the all day at the skatepark. Nikolai Danov and Marco Lambertucci were skating and we were playing ignogolf!

Simon Gruber sw bs 900 sul salto grosso per tutta la mattina! gli skiers come al solito vanno grossissimi Tobias Sherlin meno grosso del solito per risparmiare energie per la festa

The night was too cold for party outside, so we moved to the Leon’s pub and the party went crazy (as usual over there).

Ale Bianchetti arrivato in Senales con il suo camperino a passato la mattina a cappottare sui saltoni L'arrivo di Lukas Goller scatena l'ignaranza Guli windsurfer per un giorno

Simo Gruber, la seggiovia è chiusa scatta l'ignoranza... Lukas e lo swing Elmar hands up in the air!

Jimmi non teme nulla shaper death race

Thanks to Gentlemen Riders, Alex Fakieshop, all the riders, drinkers and party animals! It’s always good to spend a couple of days there, they are champions in “happiness”!

Gros alle prese con lo strumento locale Tobias e lo Schnolser Pfeif Tobias Sherlin in versione notturna mentre Davide tiene duro come un ragazzino

Guli il vero party animal della serata Lukas Goller in un bicchiere la coco in uno il rum Tobias Sherlin domenica mattina ore 13