Random Video “TOO MUCH TOO SERIOUS” teaser

by davidelp 15 July 2010

Random Video Production proudly presents the teaser of “Too Much Too Serious”, his last video coming next fall, with videoparts for Lukas Goller and Matteo Borgardt.

Here are some questions to Alessandro Miniotti, aka Killer.

Finally a good metal teaser; whose idea was it?
The idea was mine as i felt the need of refreshing the style a bit. The actual soundtrack will vary and include many genres so that it doesn’t get boring.

The title you chose doesn’t actually mean much, it feels like Luks Goller a little bit, true or false?
Yes Lukas did play an influence, how’d you guess (ironic)?

You work side by side with both Lukas and Matteo Borgardt, how’d they behave last winter?
With Matteo i have work, lived and enjoyed life for 3 years now. He’s a key element within many choices that involve Random. I’ve known Lukas for longer but onlyt during the last 2 seasons we got closer and got to know each other better. They both showed great passion for the Random project, not only as riders, and i’m thankful for that. Aside from little episodes, I can safely state they did behave! :)

Argentera is often described as heaven for riders and filmers: it’s the spot you filmed the most, right?
Argentera is an awesome place, one chairlift and new powder every week. It’s not easy to reach and there’s not many comforts up there but it’s paradise for those who love the mountains raw and uncut.

So now a little vacation and then back to work for closing this project? When will it premiere?
Yeah, now a short break is deserved. And then like you said back to work for finishing the video that will premiere at the Skipass in Modena. We’re also organizing a synchronized premiere at all the surfshops that are interested. Will announce dates and places asap!

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