Un Tranquillo Weekend da Paura – X Edition

by maxb 2 September 2014

The X Edition of the most awaited event of the year is here. From Sept. 11th through Sept 14th, we’ll be waiting for you with a 4 day session of music and skateboarding at their finest. Un Tranquillo Weekend da Paura will be held at the Bonassodromo di Usmate Velate (MB).

UTWDP X Edition

Thursday 11

  • 6PM – bbq with skateboarding videos and night session

FRriday 12

  • 9 PM – COLLE DER FORMENTO on the main stage and opening with LORD BEAN + DJ CRAIM and E-GREEN + DJ 2P

Saturday 13

  • 3 PM – miniramp skate contest qualifications
  • 6 PM – live concerts on the miniramp stage with 4 A WHILE and REMOVER
  • 9 PM – live concerts with ROCK AND ROLL KAMIKAZE followed by THE BLUEBEATERS on the main stage

Sunday 14

  • 3 PM – skate contest finals hosted by GroS and money prize of 3.000 euro

! For any further info and a press release write to info@utwdp.com

Bonassodromo 2.0 official release party #UTWDP

by davidelp 2 September 2014

Un Tranquillo Weekend da Paura 2013

It’s time for the 9th edition of Un tranquillo weekend da paura, the skate contest/music festival on September 14-16 at Bonassodromo in Usmate Velate (Milan). Concerts, skateboard contest, food and drinks as usual.

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Alex Sorgente in Milano

by jep 2 September 2014

Alex Sorgente at Tranquillo weekend da paura in september, where he won it all. Thank you Max for the video!

Un tranquillo weekend da paura – the trailer

by jep 2 September 2014

Enjoy the trailer of Un tranquillo weekeend da paura, the biggest miniramp contest in Italy that goes for four days and this year has on stage playing Salmo, Casino Royale and Sud Sound System!

15-16-17-18 settembre 2011 al Bonassodromo di Usmate.

Usmate Report

by giuli 2 September 2014

Things start off by meeting the dirty romans Nikolai Danov and Milo Marra in Milano Centrale. Double train to Usmate, obviously it would only be a twenty minutes drive! But we’re big time CO2 savers!
Once we get there we spot the Real McKenzies, chillin’ and playing guitars under a tent. It’s pouring rain all around. We join the good company and beer after beer we accept the stormy weather.

At least it stops in the evening, letting us party and enjoy Pela’s Dj set…

The next morning, partly because life is good, partly because it can’t always suck, the sun is shining and the session is finally ON.

Many people, many tricks, many beers.. As always, a great day; Bonassi’s ramp, GroS on the mic, pork ribs like there’s no tomorrow, and of course some healty skateboarding.
Ivan Federico shockingly nailed 20 or so kickflip melons on the extension, as well as Daniele Terminator Galli landing perfection almost every time. Then we enjoyed watching Marcos the Brazilian with some crazy crowd pleasers, Basilico showing the youngsters he’s still got those moves, Stanco’s riding, the Roma connection’s skating (Milo, Nikolai and Peppe the Gipsy), local Andrea Jimmy Cantù gets best trick with a Pivot Fakie on the Burn fridge that screams danger!

First place Marcos Gabriel da Silveira, second Ivan Federico, third Daniele Galli. Jimmy makes 500 euros with the burn best trick and takes us all to a sushi restaurant! Way to go Jimmy!

Un tranquillo weekend da paura 2010

by giuli 2 September 2014

The contest/event Un tranquillo weekend da paura is ready to happen for its sixth edition on September 16-19.

As usual, it’ll be skateboarding, music and pure fun at the well known Bonassodromo in Usmate. And obviously for free!

The program is as follows:

9 pm – concert
Finals music contest “Orfani di palco”

9 pm – concert
RAISED FIST + the crew

3 pm
Skateboard miniramp Contest B Category with product prizes from the sponsors.
5 pm
BMX freestyle demo with the Team Frontocean.
9 pm concert

3 pm
Skateboard contest on miniramp, valid for the Campionato Italiano Skateboard Society.
Skaters from Italy and abroad will fight for the 2000 euros cash prizes and the BURN best trick prize!

Take a look at this video report for the last edition.

SSB – Sunday Skateboard BBQ

by davidelp 2 September 2014

Skate, BBQ and  music by Pela Selecta at the Sunday Skateboard BBQ.

Sunday May 2nd starting from 1 p.m. at the Bonassodromo.