Un tranquillo weekend da paura – video report

by maxb 7 October 2011

Here is the video report of TWEDP 2011 contest that took place in Usmate and at the bastard store two weeks ago. We’ve beaten the rain!

Thanks to TheHardCheese for the video!

Alex Sorgente in Milano

by jep 7 October 2011

Alex Sorgente at Tranquillo weekend da paura in september, where he won it all. Thank you Max for the video!

Green Tuesday: Alex Sorgente

by GroS 7 October 2011

A couple of Tuesdays ago Alex Sorgente came to visit us on his way back from Marseille. He was going to Bologna for the contest at Elbo skatepark (where he won everything).
Travelling with his father and his uncle, he just stopped in Milano to check out the bastard bowl.
He skated non-stop for at least four hours until was time to go to bed…