bastard in Open House Milano 2018 edition

by jep 23 April 2018

bastard store - front

Saturday May 5 and Sunday 6 the bastard store opens its door for the Open House Milano 2018:  a whole weekend dedicated to public and private buildings with a relevant footprint in architecture, supported by dedicated and volunteer guides.

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Bicycle Film Festival 2010 on stayer

by MAS™ 23 April 2018

This year one of the movies of the now famous festival shows up riding a bike but with a board in the backpack!

Friday October 15th at 9,30pm Riding the White Long Cloud will be premiered.
Seven pro skaters (among which Cairo Foster, Chris Haslam and Rick McCrank) cross New Zealand on their bikes, riding through valleys and mountains while facing adverse weather conditions , camping into the wild and always on the look for new skate spots.

The Bicycle Film Festival 2010, touring 38 cities in 4 continents, will land in Milano on October 15-17, at the Triennale di Milano in Viale Alemagna, 6.

Further information here.


by lorebini 23 April 2018

On Sunday, back from a journey through the abandoned (partly because the earthquake) villages of Abruzzo, I went to see Draquila-L’Italia che trema. The movie by Sabina Guzzanti explains with clarity and without rhetoric a frightening situation that a lot of people in Italy is not aware of. Wake up folks! It’s very, very serious…

Exit Through the Gift Shop, Banksy’s movie

by GroS 23 April 2018

Exit Through the Gift Shop is the name of the first feature film directed by Bansky: the movie will be presented at the Sundance, the indipendent film festival of Park City (Utah).
According to the information i was able to collect by blogging around, the movie, which is presented as the first disaster movie about street art,  narrates the story of Tony Guetta, a French filmmaker who loves art and cinema and wants to shoot a documentary about street art, trying to meet Bansky himself. Obviously he will not succeed…

Wild Jonze

by lorebini 23 April 2018


It’s simply impossible to keep track of Spike Jonze! Yesterday I was listening to a radio station, RadioPopolare, where they have this nice program named Alaska. I found out that he has eventually finished his new movie – out tomorrow in the U.S. and in few weeks in Italy – called WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE, inspired by a popular children book and very, very promising! In the meantime Jonze has put up a new blog and made a documentary about the author of the book, Maurice Sendak. If you think this is not enough you should know that the MoMA is celebrating the director with an exhibition titled The First 80 Years. You can visit Alaska blog for more information… But how come we have Obama leading the planet instead of Spike Jonze?

Iron Maiden: Flight 666

by GroS 23 April 2018


The other day, me and my friend Nikki were talking about heavy metal movies, I suggest him to watch the movie of Anvil and he recommended me to watch Flight 666. It’s a Rockumentary about the last world tour, 23 concerts, 5 continents in 45 days! But is not an “on the road” kind of movie, they flew a board of the Ed force one, a Boeing 757 with the singer of the band Bruce Dickinson as a pilot… I can’t call it an “eco friendly tour”, over 50000 miles, but more frendly than the Pope for sure! The Maiden are playing around since 1975 and, in the last tour they brought their energy everywhere. It’s something really close to religion for some of the Iron Maiden fans. Some of them wait for all their lifes just to see one of them shows. I cried. Click here to watch the movie. 

ANVIL! the story of Anvil

by GroS 23 April 2018


Do you remeber Anvil? they are a thrash metal band from Canada that in the middle 80’s rocks the world like Metallica, Slayer, Anthrax etc… But they never become “rock stars” like the other bands. The movie is about Steve “Lips” Kudlow and Robb Reiner, their friendship and the dream they will never give up. It’s not only “rock n roll” it’s about heart and balls, about people who chose a way to live no matter what happen. Chlick here to watch the full movie.

Zeitgeist II: Addendum

by GroS 23 April 2018

This is the fourth part, the Addendum, and is about the true source of the instability in our society, while offering the only fundamental, long term solution.

You can watch online for free.

The Zeitgeist Addendum summerize into these actions for Social Transformation

  1. Expose the Fed Cartel (Boycott Citibank, JP morgan Chase & Bank of America)
  2. Boycott The News Networks (Use and Protect the Internet)
  3. Boycott The Military
  4. Boycott The Energy Companies (Get off the grid & make your home & car self-sustainable)
  5. Create Critical Mass (

Lemmy The Movie

by GroS 23 April 2018

Today my buddy Tom Porta told me that the movie about Lemmy‘s life is ready! Man, I can’t wait to see it!


by jep 23 April 2018

Mentre sul website di studiometrico sono pubblicati i disegni di progetto del nuovo HQ di COMVERT a Milano, su la Repubblica si parla di come sia sempre più popolare la conversione dei vecchi cinema milanesi.