Our Friends Are Our Heroes – Warriors Skateboards

by giuli 24 January 2011

Yari Copt refers to the Warriors as a very serious Swiss skate company. Everytime i go to Lugano for a photoshoot i come home exhausted. But watching Gilles Gallicchio, Martino Cattaneo, Igor Fardin & co. skate in real life pays me back everytime.

The Warriors are true veterans to the Jammin’ project. This is the fourth bastard Warriors collection, the clothing has evolved but the concept stays the same: 100% skate apparel.

Their latest video project Come Out To Skate was presented a few weeks ago and is available online, soon out in dvd.

Warriors magazine a.k.a. Wagazine

by jep 24 January 2011

The first issue of the wagazine – that is the  Warriors skateboards magazine – has just been published. With them bastard runs a collabo on some clothes since a few seasons.

It’s 138 pages of skateboarding and the transfer above of Julien Benoliel in the Marseille skatepark well represents the mood. Take a look.

Warriors Sunglasses

by davidelp 24 January 2011

A little bit of a typical Warriors roughness together with the polyhedral genius of Yari Copt gave birth to this clip to present the new shades that fit well with the clothing line developed with bastard.

ISPO 2010 – Friendly Report

by giuli 24 January 2011

Pirates, warriors and tatoos?

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Warriors Skateboards – ISPO 2010

by davidelp 24 January 2011

Warriors Skateboards proudly announces its first presence at the ISPO tradeshow in Münich (Germany) from February 7th through February 10th, Hall A2 – Booth 348A.

You will find the Warriors just behind the MiniRamp, so that you will easily enjoy the runs of Igor Fardin, Kevin Blaser and Martino Cattaneo.

The warriors will have a little booth with many surprises… need anticipations? Pirate Bar with free drinks for all visitors, tatoo area with pirate girls ready to tatoo Warriors logos all over the place, and last but not least, Warriors WAR OF THE WALL contest, on the wallride build by IOU Ramps with whom we had a collabo out in FW 2009.

Besides these tasty entertainment sessions, Warriors will be presenting the skate series Myths, 5 artists for 5 decks inspired by mythological creatures, and the new bastard Jammin collection FW 2010, of which we offer a peep preview below.

bastard CataZine n°25

by davidelp 24 January 2011

Catazine 25

Issue n° 25 (codename Lazy’s Health) of the bastard Catazine is now available at the bastard store, featuring Lukas Goller dealing with pre-ski exercise on the Anti-Cover.

Fortyeight pages that offer an inside look on the things we did in the last six months and the people we collaborated with for making the clothes we’re wearing this winter, JAMMIN’ e ARTISTUFF in particular.

Rock ‘n Roll!

by GroS 24 January 2011

Here some Rock ‘n Roll! I just hang the phone with Yari Copt, not only a good friend of mine, also one of the Lazy Riders, designer for bastard of the Warriors line and a f++kin rock star.
He just get back whit his band Those Furious Flames from Bulgaria were they played with Faith No More.
Now they are ready to shoot the new videoclip. So I put on this clip and i just want some Rock ‘n Roll.

Yari rocks the house @ Vans Off the wall Music Stage

by giuli 24 January 2011


Last night we checked out the “Those Furious Flames” in concert, leaded by Yari Copt, who’s also captain in charge of the Lugano skate crew “Warriors“, and owner of the local skateshop “The Joker Shop“.

The event was promoted by Vans and featured two other bands: “Dragoni” and “Miasma”.

Beautiful location, Lido Lugano, with plenty of good people and chilled out by the lake’s fresh breeze, something we can only dream of out here in Milano!

Things learned: that Lugano and Zurich are two different places, that Yari definetely rocks, and that switzerland is practically heaven on earth, i’d most likely raise my kids out there, as long as they don’t become junkies, or even worse, bankers! :)

30 anni di Indipendent

by davidelp 24 January 2011

La company di skateboard truck più celebre al mondo si appresta a festeggiare il suo trentesimo compleanno. Ten distribution, che distribuisce Indy in Svizzera, ha pensato di organizzare un bel tour in giro per i quattro cantoni. Il tour inizia il 6 giugno alla Black Cross Bowl di Basel e terminerà il 23 settembre con un mega evento a cui parteciperà il Pro team Indipendent tra cui militano Haslam, NavaretteHewittLizard KingGuzmann e Gravette.

In attesa vi segnaliamo che sabato 7 giugno il tour farà tappa al park di Lugano, terra di caccia dei Warriors e di molti italiani di confine. In programma best trick sia in bowl che in street, demo del team Vox e tutto si concluderà con il Warriors Toga Party con la mitica “piggia di birra” termine indefinibile letteralmente ma ben conosciuto da chi ha già vissuto l’esperienza…

Ci saranno i nostri Daniele Galli, Marco Mina e Yari Copt, se volete accodarvi non avete che da seguire il van bastard, partenza all’alba da Milano,

Documentary on Yari[lang_jp]ヤリのドキュメンタリー[lang_jp]

by GroS 24 January 2011

Yari Copt camera

SKATE IS NOT A SPORT” this is the name of the documentary about Yari Copt‘s life. Produced by RTSI (swiss television) was on air last monday night. I really like it, it talks about Yari’s way of life, about him as a skateboarder, as a singer of Those Furious Flame (his band), about his fight against the cancer, about the Warriors (his crew), his work and his dreams… What else? just Yari….