Our Friends Are Our Heroes – Edo Paris

by giuli 30 July 2011

The Green Lantern Power Ring grants unimaginable powers, among which flying at lighting speed. However it requires a recharging time in order to keep working.
Likewise, Edo Paris is capable of flying at incredibile speeds in many Milano spots, like the Bumps of Quarto Oggiaro, then needing a few relaxing days provided with cold beers and mellower sessions along with his long time friends, as in this frontside ollie at the bastard bowl.

Our Friends Are Our Heroes – Marco Lambertucci

by giuli 30 July 2011

No matter how many hours he slept, how many miles sitting on his ass or how much junk food he had, Marco Lambertucci has the power of regenerating, bust out his claws and kill the spot.

I’m starting to think he might seriously have some adamantium in his body…

Our Friends Are Our Heroes – Danny Galli

by giuli 30 July 2011

Daniele Galli, during a physio session in his homeland, Valtellina. Very few know that frontside feeble grinds on elevator round bars are the best cure for recovering from a recent surgery with pins in your foot.

Unless you can get ahold of high grade kriptonite (and believe me it’s hard to find), it’s not easy to keep Danny away from skateboarding.

Our Friends Are Our Heroes – Warriors Skateboards

by giuli 30 July 2011

Yari Copt refers to the Warriors as a very serious Swiss skate company. Everytime i go to Lugano for a photoshoot i come home exhausted. But watching Gilles Gallicchio, Martino Cattaneo, Igor Fardin & co. skate in real life pays me back everytime.

The Warriors are true veterans to the Jammin’ project. This is the fourth bastard Warriors collection, the clothing has evolved but the concept stays the same: 100% skate apparel.

Their latest video project Come Out To Skate was presented a few weeks ago and is available online, soon out in dvd.

Our Friends Are Our Heroes – Lukas Goller

by andreav 30 July 2011

Lukas Flash Goller, photographed by Denis Piccolo while filming for Too Much Too Serious, spent last winter mostly in the alps; besides snowboarding he was designing and testing the new bastard snowear collection.

Among his great inventions, the closet pocket in the Goja jacket, in which you can store pretty much all you need in the mountains.

Lukas is a snowboarder, designer and visionaire. He might not have superpowers, but once you get to know him, he’ll look like a superhero to you. He already is in our eyes.