Ride Fast

by davidelp 13 December 2011

“We deliver a cleaner Milan”, is the motto of the folks at UBM, and we are proud to support the Urban Bike Messengers by designing the bastard UBM collection for them.
The Pawn gloves, for instance, were made following their requests and preferences, and if they’re good enough for them, who know it all too well about mileage on a bike, they’re certainly good enough for us.
Reflecting print on the knuckles, reinforced palm and comfy, anti-skid rubber for great grip on the handles, 100% neoprene fabric. Zero cold and tons of comfort.

And come on, let’s admit that riding around with Ride Fast printed on your knuckles actually does make you go faster…

  1. jep Says:

    Anche TRUE LAZY però come scritta non è male ;)

  2. Milano Fixed Archive » bastard x UBM Says:

    […] guantino tecnico per la stagione fresca che vede la collaborazione di bastard, storico brand milanese al quale sono profondamente affezionato, e UBM, i messenger de noartri. sembrano veramente ben fatti: neoprene, gomma antiscivolo sul palmo e una strana scritta knuckleggiante che fa stride!  che brillanti questi giovani, quale pungente ironia!!!! nell’attesa di poterli testare pedalando, guardati tutti i dettagli qui. […]

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