Mr. Marco Lambertucci x El Santo

by jep 3 June 2014

Marco is one of those skaters that wrote the the history of street skateboarding in Italy pushing  bastard since ever…  judging from this welcome video that has just been published for El Santo Skateboards, it seems he is not going to slow down now.  Thank Bauli!

Mattia Turco tlog – to one on his back in the dark

by jep 3 June 2014

Not only Mattia Turco has got one the most explosive ollies ever seen around here, he also recently opened his new tumblelog which features a lot of interesting work. He throws an oil layer on the sheet, covers everything with black and pulls the drawing out by scraping the surface with a technique that reminds me the works i did in school as a kid.

Above and below, the one that would rather suffer than die.

P.s. Mattia is now on the roster of El Santo Skateboards.