Mattia Turco x Vans 50 mural at bastard bowl

by jep 31 March 2016

Mattia Turco x Vans 50 mural at bastard bowl

Mattia Turco is one of the most powerful skaters around in Milan and a great artist with his own technical painting skills that keeps evolving. He is part of our family.

This timelapse video made by photographer André Lucat depicts the making of Mattia’s first mural, painted on bastard bowl‘s main wall as a tribute to Vans for its 50 Years Anniversary that we celebrated at bastard store on March 25th, 2016. It consists of 5 days of shooting, condensed in almost three minutes and delighted by the great Ella Fitzgerald.

Mattia Turco x Vans 50 mural. Photo: André Lucat

Mattia Turco x Vans 50. Details. Photo: André Lucat

As frequent users of the bowl, we couldn’t ask for more!

We don’t want to repeat ourselves but… follow Mattia Turco on instagram and buy one of his paintings while you can still afford it… we got some.

Jep e Mattia. Photo: André Lucat

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