Alvvino the gloriuos

by davidelp 10 May 2013

Alvvino, the Glorious t-shirt and the bastard hot peppers.

We don’t need to add anything to the Zamoc speech, it well describes Alvvino. We only want to say that he’s the designer of the Glorious t-shirt.

If you don’t know Alvvino, he’s the typical nerd snuck between bullies, with the cashmere sweater tied over his shoulders and his moped parked in front of the emergency exit. He is respected by all, good and bad people. He’s fastidiously but authentic, gruff but dandy. Alvvino is beyond good and evil, like The Little Prince, but he has sexual appetite. I met him for the first time during my wandering in Berlin, heavy rain clouds covered the sky. Alvvino’s look was perfect with his umbrella​​ matching his jacket color. However Alvvino has not only elegance and snobbery, he’s always working on design projects, he collaborates with the best European brands, he designs important editorial exhibitions, pubblications and breath-taking art-shows. – ZAMOC

Alvvino Gloriuos artwork

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