Cembro on Zamoc – Reply Video

by giuli 23 April 2010

Lorenzo Fonda, a.k.a. Cembro, made this short video in which he explains his relationship with Zamoc, recently featured with his exhibit La Nebbia and author of the newest murale at the bastard store.

! The video is in italian, sorry english speakers.

Fonda & Sanchez wallpaint at the bastard bowl

by jep 23 April 2010

Lorenzo Fonda & Sergi Sanchez

In the picture above the artpiece made by Lorenzo Fonda (who’s leaving for Los Angeles where he wants to stay more than usual) and Sergi Sanchez after 12 hours of session alternating painting/skateboarding at the bastard bowl.

My take: if you smell something rotten do something… or pay the consequences after sometime.

10 things I have learned about the sea

by jep 23 April 2010

Lorenzo Fonda just got back from his trip on the marine vessel Portland Senator on the route from Los Angeles to Shanghai and published this ten minutes gem with music by Hammock.