No One Knows – report

by davidelp 7 October 2010

Delicious salami and strong Lambrusco, colorful canvas and painted shoes. Those were the subjects of the No One Knows grand opening.

We ate all the salami and we drank all the wine, but NotAWonderBoy’s works are still at the bastard store until monday October 11th, swing by to give it a well deserved look.

No One Knows – NotAWonderBoy at the bastard store

by davidelp 7 October 2010

NotAWonderBoy’s No One Knows, Lambrusco, Salame e Solo Exhibition is expecting you on wednesday October 6th at 6PM at bastard store.

NotAWonderBoy brings to the table some Lambrusco wine, his homeland’s typical, and his last body of artwork.
Vinyl and acrylic on canvas and the limited edition NAWPimp dressy shoes for the ladies’ delight.

During the exhibition, that’ll stay open up until Monday October 11th, his custom shoes and sweatshirts and t-shirts featuring the Fightback artwork will be available for purchase.

(Italiano) A voi dei mondiali frega poco quanto a me?

by MAS™ 7 October 2010

bastard CataZine n°26

by davidelp 7 October 2010

If you’d like to know who are the people that designed the Colander jacket, who’s behind the Riot artwork or what inspired the colors of the Tropical pasta collection, you can find these answers inside issue 26 of the bastard Catazine, codename Rolling Bastard, which is now available at bastard store.

Inside the stories of Warriors Skateboards, NotAWonderBoy, Luca Zamoc, Pink is Punk, Punkreas and Tropical Pasta, the people we collaborated with for making the clothes we’re wearing this summer, particularly for the JAMMIN’ and ARTISTUFF collections.

The bastard catazine is available at bastard store or you can check out the online version of bastard CataZine.