Weekend en casa Lupi

by giuli 26 August 2010

Here’s the report of a nice weekend visit to Lupi, a.k.a. Raúl Lupiáñez Martinez, spent between Girona and Barcellona. Besides el Guapo de Girona i was accompanied by Andreo Lopes, Marcin Solecki (R.I.P.) and Dare, filmer and Lupi’s roommate in Barcy. Enjoy!

Daniele Galli and Andreo Lopes on Skateboard Mag #70

by davidelp 26 August 2010

Skateboard Magazine #70 pubblished a double itw to Daniele Galli e Andreo Lopes.

Andreo and Danny are long time friends, they met through skateboarding and they shared a couplet of things like trips, contests, fliming sessions, tricks and bails.

To find out more about it, you can grab a copy of Skateboard Magazine #70, photographs and text by Bea Sugliani.

Happy birthday mr. president

by davidelp 26 August 2010

This is the Jep’s birthday video, shot by Andreo Lopes during a bastard bowl session with Daniele Galli. This is our way to celebrate our president birthday.

bastard store wins the Vans Shop Riot

by jep 26 August 2010


Yesterday the bastard store team composed by Daniele Galli, Edo Paris (bastard store manager/clerk) and Andreo Lopes (best trick of the day with a flip bs lipslide on the handrail) won it all at the Vans Shop Riot at Trinity skatepark in Milano.

The boys will fly in Bruxelles for the finals. Good job!