Jimmy’z introduces the official Z-Team

by jep 8 May 2013

Jimmy'z introduces the official Z-Team 2013

Daniel CuervoSteve CaballeroGiorgio ZattoniEddie ElgueraJocke Olsson e Joshua Rodriguez are the official Z-Team. JIMMY’Z wants to make it right!

GZatt is so inspired by the Combi lines… we got this from the pen drawing below that we found on some shipping documents in the warehouse!

GZ 2013 - Combi trace

It’s going to be fun this Saturday, May 11th at the Vans Pool Party in the Combi. If you are not in Orange you can follow the event on the live web streaming.

JIMMY’Z – Surf, skate, relate

by jep 8 May 2013

Jimmy'Z Just Back From Everywhere
The historical brand Jimmy’z, founded in Malibu California by Jim Ganzer in 1984, has finally arrived here at bastard store and at a small number of selected dealers in Italy.

It all started with an idea particularly innovative system of short pants with a Velcro waist closure called EZ-IN, EZ-OUT – hence the ‘Z at the end of the name Jimmy – sold on the beaches of Malibu from the trunk of a Buick Woody.

Skaters, surfers, artists and musicians such as Steve Olson, Dave Hackett, Christian Hosoi, Steve Caballero, Tommy Guerrero, Eric Dressen, Natas Kaupas, Sergie Ventura, Dave Duncan, Scott Oster, Vince Klyn, J. Riddle, Jack Nicholson, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Ry Cooder and Phillip Dixon have contributed to the success of the brand and many of them continue to do so today. If you missed the 80s and the 90s or you were simply distracted, take a look at the online portfolio and read the interview with Jimmy on Opening Ceremony to understand what we’re talking about.

“I think the highest artistic expression is made ​​up of ideas and states of mind, not only objects” – JIMMY GANZER

Here in Europe, Giorgio Zattoni and Jocke Olsson are officially in the Z-Team … Follow them next week at the Combi Bowl Vans Pool Party!