Legends’ Sesh – Pt. II

by maxb 5 March 2018


Every time that Steve Van Doren stops by the bastard store, it’s a blast! On Sunday, February the 25th he arrived right for lunch with some long time friends.

As a digestive we skipped the ammazzacaffè and went straight to the bastard store for a lit session that we’ll never forget. Click on Chiole’s illustration for the raw footage put together by SHARE Skateboarding Mag.

We Are All Van Dorens

We Are All Van Dorens.

Open Day for the Fall: bastard Academy of Skateboarding

by Riccardo Tognella 5 March 2018


Do you still want to learn how to skate the bowl with us?

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We at the bastard store decided to launch Academy of Skateboarding‘s new Open Day for the Fall on Saturday, October 21st 2017, open to everybody, upon registration.  Read the rest of this entry »

Max Bonassi x Local Rats

by jep 5 March 2018


The new bastard Local Rats t-shirt is a tribute to two of the skaters that left their deepest mark at the bastard bowl: Jacopo Carozzi and Aref Koushesh.


The artwork, pencil designed by the italian father of skateboarding Max Bonassi, in full 80s style, is inspired by one the the best shots ever taken in the bowl by photographer Giuliano Berarducci.  The original photo has been published on Thrasher Magazine, as a poster on SHARE Skateboarding and is available as a free gift in the shape of a postcard at the bastard store.



by davidelp 5 March 2018

Last week we had the pleasure to host a terrific session in the bastard bowl. Chris Gregson and Mason Merlino with Joey Martin, sales manager at Unheard, shred all the well-know spots from Varazze to Milano. Obviously they swung by  the bastard bowl for a night session with Jacopo Carozzi, Aref Koushesh and Ivan Federico.

Aref Koushesh x Yeah

by davidelp 5 March 2018

Aref “Bobby” Koushesh is a strong and fast skater who land tricks with an extraordinary naturalness. He’s a consistent frequenter of the bastard bowl but he also likes the Parco Lambro and the DIY Creedence transitions, as you can see from this clip by Yeah.