Electric Friends

by davidelp 17 May 2011

Special guests today at the bastard store: Marco Lambertucci, Luca Crestani and Sergio Minnici.

While Marco was shooting for the next bastard ad Luca and Sergio, just back from a tour in sunny Sardinia, renewed their style with new Electric shades.
Who guesses which superhero Bauli is going to pose in the next bastard ad will win his original New Era hat that he kindly forgot here.

Hotel GroS

by GroS 17 May 2011

This is the name of the new masterpiece of the director underground Sergio Minnici

The human side of Marco Lambertucci

by GroS 17 May 2011

Filmer Sergio Minnici just put on his vimeo this video. He called it  Piece of Bauli and if you know Marco Lambertucci you must watch it, if not… well check it out.